Meat Processing Plant

About SE QLD Meat Processing

The project saw the replacement of an aging meat processing plant in SE QLD. This included installing compressed air piping with a primary and backup compressor with redundancy bypasses. The piping system was designed to be retrofitted for future expansion. The installation utilises a compressed air system for tooling and meat processing & product packaging.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

The installer used Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit 316L stainless steel pipe and fitting system. In addition, Allmach custom fabricated a DN150 manifold with 8 DN80 outlets for a backup compressor and to allow for future system expansion. The Surepress Pressfit piping system was chosen due to the ease and speed of installation with no need for welding or hot work permits. Most importantly, the Surepress stainless steel pressfit 316L system meets stringent sanitary food grade standards required for food processing plants.

Challenges and Solutions

The major issue the installer faced was the tight installation time frame as plant downtime while replacing the existing aging system needed to be kept to a minimum. Surepress Pressfit piping system is ten times faster to install and has the capability of on-site modifications, requires no welding, is reliable with a leak-detection and press check sleeve, has a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee, and meets food-grade sanitation standards, Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit 316L stainless steel piping system allowed the installer to complete the project on time and within budget.

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