East Brunswick Village

About East Brunswick Village

East Brunswick Village is an urban development project set amongst three landscaped hectares in Melbourne’s CBD. East Brunswick Village is a community-focused self-sustaining village, and all the apartments have an average 7.5-star NatHERS rating ( and include several sustainable initiatives, including water-efficient infrastructure. (www.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

Allmach supplied the East Brunswick Village project plumbing contractor with 5,000 m (5km) of Surepress stainless steel 316L piping, and over 1,000 fittings – including manifolds for the meter set ups. The piping system was installed to provide the gas, hot & cold water services to the units and shops. Allmach is the plumbing contractor’s partner of choice for piping solutions, as it enables them to efficiently design and install quality and innovative piping systems.

Challenges and Solutions

The two major issues the installing plumbing contractor faced during the project were an acute skilled labour shortage and increased materials costs. Allmach assisted the contractor alleviate these issues by faster to install pressfit piping, which is ten times faster to install than traditional welded piping systems, therefore significantly more cost-effective. In addition, Allmach fabricates custom stainless-steel fittings in-house, eliminating the time and cost of sourcing specialised fittings and providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution.

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