Surepress Pressfit: A Valuable Tool in
a Fire Protection Engineer’s Arsenal

Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit fittings are a great way to reduce potential human error in fire protection piping installations. The European design has proven they’re highly reliable and efficient. Therefore, making them an excellent choice for installing fire protection piping systems with increased safety features like press-check sleeves that give installers an easy method to check if joints have been sealed correctly. Combined with the benefits of 0-rings and carbon steel, it’s easy to see why Australian fire protection engineers and contractors are becoming increasingly interested in Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit fire protection piping system.

Allmach’s solution for the perfect fit in fire protection piping

In any profession, minimising human error is the key to success. In fire protection piping installations, this is especially important, as even a slight mistake can have disastrous results.

Using Surepress Pressfit fittings is one way to help reduce the possibility of human error. Their European design has proven to be highly reliable and efficient.

Here, we will discuss what Surepress Pressfit fittings are, how they bring the carbon steel pipes together, and why they are a valuable tool in the fire protection piping engineer’s arsenal.

The SurePress Pressfit carbon steel fire protection piping system comprises of several key components, each specifically designed to work in tandem with one another:

  1. O-rings

An innovatively designed O-ring at each end of the Pressfit fittings is compressed in a toroidal chamber before creating a hermetic seal, which makes the fitting airtight. These O-rings are available in various shapes and sizes, and can be used for flanged and threaded connections. Thanks to their synthetic material composition, they’re durable enough to last with normal use and in harsh conditions all year round.

  1. Press-Check Sleeves

With a new fire protection piping system, any leaks are attributable to just one reason: the incorrect or failed pressing of joints. In traditional methods of testing, it’s difficult for installers to find possible weak spots. But now, Surepress provides a solution to easily identify any unpressed joint easily. It is a visual system called a ‘press-check sleeve’: a thin and eye-catching coloured film applied externally to the joints. Once pressed, the indicator falls off, and the installer can see if any fittings have been missed.

  1. Carbon Steel Piping

The pipes are lightweight, thin-walled tubes that installers can simply cut with plumbing tube cutters, push them together, and then crimp them using a battery-operated tool. The zinc coating has electrochemical protection, meaning if the zinc coating is scratched, there is a film that bonds over that part, protecting the zinc from corrosion.  Carbon steel also has excellent abrasive hardness, producing a strong and resistant facing.

The magic happens when they all come together

Surepress Pressfit is a fast, easy, and risk-free way to connect the carbon steel pipes in fire protection piping systems.

The pipes are inserted into Pressfit fittings, then the jaw attachments of the pressing tool press the shaped end of the fitting onto the pipes.

Pressing produces two deformations.

The first, radial deformation, compresses the O-ring in the shaped chamber and guarantees the pipe is hermetically sealed. The second, geometric deformation of the fitting and pipe, creates a mechanical join that’s resistant to slipping and rotation.

Joints produced in this way are extremely strong, but flexible enough to withstand the stresses that come with installation and those, such as vibrations or thermal expansion, which happen in normal operating conditions.

Allmach: Your go-to experts on fire protection piping solutions

Fire protection piping systems are a critical component of any building, and it’s important your system is functioning properly.

To ensure your system performs flawlessly when needed most, it’s important to understand how the materials and overall system perform before making your investment.

Here, we’ve discussed some of the many things you need to consider, including O-rings, press-check sleeves and carbon steel piping.

To find out more about these components and what else goes into a successful fire protection piping system, contact Allmach’s technical sales team.

They can assist with solutions that will help your business meet its fire safety needs.

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