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With zero welding required, the installation process of Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit carbon steel fire protection piping system is much safer and quicker than ever before. In an environment free from heat or sparks, the innovative system reduces the risks that cause injuries to workers. The Allmach lightweight carbon steel modular system allows contractors to make alterations safely in situ. There is no need for heavy machinery or assets, so it is quicker than traditional methods that involve hauling pipes up into place with more risk of injuries. Installations can be done more safely without sacrificing quality or productivity—something everyone wants.

Surepress system: zero welding, fewer injuries

The installation of a fire protection piping system is only as safe and secure as its weakest link, and anything that threatens the safety of installers putting it together surely is a weak link.

With Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit carbon steel piping system, fire protection engineers and contractors can be confident they’re choosing one of the safest systems available in Australia today.

The European system, recently brought to Australia by Allmach, is precision engineered and field tested to provide a reliable, long-lasting solution for all fire protection piping needs.

With zero welding required, the installation process is much safer and quicker for installers.

That’s right, welding is a thing of the past for the Surepress Pressfit carbon steel fire protection piping system.

That means, working in a spark-free environment with heat-free, flame-free joints reduces the chance of injuries to workers.

With zero welding, contractors don’t have to wait around in order to get their hot works permits approved either–which means less downtime overall.

Zero welding: is it worth it?

Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit carbon steel piping system comprises thin-walled tubes, making them lightweight and safer to manage than conventional fire protection piping systems.

Traditionally, fire protection installers use heavy electrical machines on the ground to weld or screw the pipes together. Sometimes, the onsite installation does not always go according to plan; the pipes might be shorter or longer than expected, and the installers need to work around something they could not foresee.

If the fire protection piping installer puts the pieces together on the ground and hauls it up into place, then finds something is wrong, they have to bring it down again.

Often in larger installations, prefabricated pipe spools are prepared off-site, and sometimes, during the installation process, something may not go to plan.

Then, the pipes sections have to  be bought down, cut, re-screwed, or re-welded, and put it back up again. All this heavy labour increases the potential for injuries to workers.

With Allmach’s Surepress carbon steel modular system with zero welding, fire protection installers can make alterations safely in situ. These features have the added benefits of reducing workplace liability for contractors.

They can simply cut the carbon steel pipe with plumbing tube cutters, push them together, and then crimp them using a battery-operated tool, all exactly where they need to be installed, regardless of height.

There is no prefabrication; contractors do all work onsite.

Zero welding saves fire protection system water and downtime

The most common fire protection piping systems being installed in buildings across Australia today are sprinkler systems.

And, the thing about these sprinklers is they’re full of water.

With traditional welding methods, if contractors need to change or repair an existing pipe, the entire system needs to be drained of water before work can begin.

But now with Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit carbon steel fire protection piping system, workers can do the modifications much easier, quicker and more economically.

This innovative system means sprinklers do not need to be drained before work can begin, saving time and water for building companies, and less downtime for fire protection.

Expert advice and support every step of the way

The Surepress Pressfit carbon steel piping is a great option for fire protection contractors looking to save time and money on their fire protection system installation.

With its safety, speed, and ease of use, it is hard to beat the benefits of using this product.

If you are interested in learning more or want help with finding the right solution for your fire protection project, be sure to contact Allmach’s technical sales team. They’re happy to help.


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