1 November 2021

Allmach launches a carbon steel press-fit piping range for fire protection piping systems

Allmach has launched a carbon steel press fit piping range that is ideally suited to fire protection piping systems. The new range provides fire protection engineers and contractors with cost-effective solutions for fire hydrant systems and automatic fire sprinkler installations. Allmach’s press fit carbon steel range of pipe and fittings requires no welding, is leak-proof and enables quick on-site modifications, making it faster, easier, and safer to install. The range has up to 30% installation cost savings over traditional methods.

Traditionally fire protection systems have been created using a heavy, screw systems with heavy thick-walled pipes and various glue and screw fittings, which are extremely time-consuming to install and lack design flexibility. These systems are prone to installer injury, can only be floor-mounted due to the weight, and are prone to rust and leakage owing to the screw method of joining pipe. Allmach’s Surepress carbon steel range of pipe and fittings negates these cost and installation issues.

The carbon steel piping system pipe is internally and externally zinc-coated, which prevents rust or leaks; it is a light weight, thin-walled and quickly assembled on-site with press-fit fittings. The pipe can simply be cut with plumbing tube cutters, pushed together and then crimped using a battery-operated tool. The is no need for time-consuming threading or the use of roll-grooving machines.

The new carbon steel range in now available for purchase 24/7 on Allmach’s new e-commerce site, with same day dispatch with orders received before 2pm.

Company Background:

Allmach Pneumatic & Fluid Systems is a major wholesaler and distributor of plastic, aluminium, pvc, carbon steelnd stainless-steel piping systems. Located in both Sydney and Brisbane, Allmach has been an established business for over 25 years with our modern, fully equipped warehouses stocking a comprehensive range of quality piping products. Allmach’s e commerce site offers 24/7 orders with same day dispatch before 2pm nation-wide.

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