Surepress stainless steel press-fit systems improve productivity and cash flow

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Businesses that specialise in commercial construction or industrial mechanical projects are often heavily involved in installing major systems like plumbing and require fast and reliable systems to (support their project timelines). Even more prevalent in the current COVID-19 environment is the need to ensure operations are performed in a cost-effective and timely manner allowing the least time possible is spent on site, and system down time is minimised.

Copper piping has been used in construction for decades and whilst reliable, it is an expensive plumbing option due to the necessary involvement of qualified welders and the need to spend more time and money on site for installation. Although copper performs incredibly well and has a great track record to longevity, there is no denying that the startup and installation costs are high and these combining reasons are often enough for businesses to make the shift towards a more efficient option. Surepress stainless steel press-fit plumbing systems is that efficient option.

Similar to their copper counterparts, Surepress press-fit systems offer the same long-term usage and maintenance. In addition with the high-quality components in 304 or 316L stainless steel material, your completed systems are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but are also stronger and highly resistant to aging, heat and chemical additives.

They are faster to install and cheaper overall which means less downtime, lower overheads for the same quality of work, and enormous cost benefits for those responsible for the installation. Businesses and contractors who have made the switch from copper piping to Surepress press-fit systems have reported experiencing productivity gains due to installation speed and no longer needing to obtain a hot work permit or subcontract welders.

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