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Copper has traditionally been the material of choice for piping in a wide range of applications. With the advent of new technologies and new fabricating techniques, press fit stainless steel has since become a popular choice among designers. Each option has its own unique pros and cons, but what are the main differences? We’ve had a look at copper and press fit stainless steel and compared them in three main areas:

1. Installation

Stainless steel really shines in the installation department. Hands down it comes out in front when compared to its copper equivalent. Despite copper being soft and malleable to manipulate, stainless steel press-fit systems are faster and easier to install, slashing costs by up to 30%. Additionally, competent tradespeople can install press-fit systems without the need of a qualified welder, reducing labour costs and time onsite. With no additional coatings required and no ongoing maintenance expenses, it’s a cost-effective long term investment.

2. Aesthetics

Let’s face it, copper is a bit old hat. From an aesthetic point of view, copper is ill-suited to modern architecture and contemporary designs. Stainless steel has the sleek, chic look that is much beloved by designers, architects and homeowners. It looks fantastic in a variety of settings, and can be exposed in its natural state or painted. From a practical point of view, designers are increasingly turning to stainless steel as their preferred option. Warm copper tones suit industrial inspired settings, but can look dated and out of place in new builds.