There’s a reason why stainless steel press-fit systems are smashing it in the building and construction industry right now - in fact, there are at least nine reasons, and we’re going to share them with you. Here are the major benefits of stainless steel pipes that you’ve probably never even thought about:

Benefit #1: Quick to install

The easy-to-use nature of Europress will save significant costs during installation, and also incur less downtime.

Benefit #2: Press indication eliminates error

Press indication creates a reliable double-check mechanism that eliminates human error, increases quality control and guarantees peace of mind.

Benefit #3: No welding required

Eliminating the need for costly specialised trades, no welding means no hot works – a clean and safe installation that saves time and money.

Benefit #4: Pleasing aesthetic

Stainless steel provides a sleek, modern look that is sought-after by architects and designers, and will add value to the building or facilities.

Benefit #5: 25 year warranty

There is no greater peace of mind than a 25 year warranty, and Europress are so confident about the quality of their product that it comes as standard.

Benefit #6: Active fire approval

With active fire approval, Europress is a tried-and-tested product that has international certification for a range of safety functions.

Benefit #7: Inbuilt safety features tool

For more peace of mind, the inbuilt safety features tool ensures that there is no uncertainty of weld integrity, guaranteeing a job well done.

Benefit #8: Stainless steel material

For proven longevity, stainless steel is an excellent choice to preserve the integrity of the press-fit plumbing system over the life cycle of the building.

Benefit #9: It’s 10 times faster than tig welding

With no need for specialised trades, the Europress system is ten times faster to install than tig welding, saving on downtime and keeping costs lower.

Piping Comparison Guide: Welded Copper VS Press-fit Stainless Steel

Copper is generally perceived as the industry standard for piping given its long and distinguished history, so you might be suprised to know that newer forms of technology like stainless steel pipe fittings are superior in a number of ways.

This guide will dispel some common myths and provide you with a clear and concise comparison of the primary featuresand benefits of each option.