Valves & Manifolds

  • Stainless Lockable Ball Valve

    Stainless Lockable Ball Valve

    Stainless Steel Lockable Full Bore Ball Valve


    • - Stainless Steel Ball Valve
      - BSP Threaded
      - 2 Piece Full Bore
      - Lockable Lever handle
    SizeCodeAvailable COST QTY Subtotal
    1/2 in. SSBVL015 PoA
    3/4 in. SSBVL020 PoA
    1 in. SSBVL025 PoA
    1 1/4 in. SSBVL032 PoA
    1 1/2 in. SSBVL040 PoA
    2 in. SSBVL050 PoA
    2 1/2 in. SSBVL065 PoA
    3 in. SSBVL075 PoA
    4 in. SSBVL100 PoA

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