• Grey Stripe PE100 Co-ex Sewer

    Grey Stripe PE100 Co-ex Sewer

    Grey Stripe PE100 Polyethylene Pipe for Sewer


    • - PE100 material
      - Grey Stripe to designate sewer
      - Co Extruded with natural inner to facilitate CCTV camera inspections
    Size Length PN Rating CodeAvailable COST QTY Subtotal
    110mm 6 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.110006 PoA
    110mm 12 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.110012 PoA
    160mm 6 metre PN12.5 SDR13.6 P1558.160006 PoA
    160mm 6 metre PN10 SDR17 P1658.160006 PoA
    160mm 6 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.160006 PoA
    160mm 12 metre PN12.5 SDR13.6 P1558.160012 PoA
    160mm 12 metre PN10 SDR17 P1658.160012 PoA
    160mm 12 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.160012 PoA
    180mm 12 metre PN16 SDR11 P1458.180012 PoA
    250mm 6 metre PN12.5 SDR13.6 P1558.250006 PoA
    250mm 6 metre PN10 SDR17 P1658.250006 PoA
    250mm 6 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.250006 PoA
    250mm 12 metre PN16 SDR11 P1458.250012 PoA
    250mm 12 metre PN12.5 SDR13.6 P1558.250012 PoA
    250mm 12 metre PN10 SDR17 P1658.250012 PoA
    250mm 12 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.250012 PoA
    315mm 6 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.315006 PoA
    315mm 12 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.315012 PoA
    400mm 12 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.400012 PoA
    500mm 12 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.500012 PoA
    630mm 12 metre PN8 SDR21 P1758.630012 PoA