Wambo Coal Mine

About Wambo Coal Mine Project

The United Wambo Joint Venture Open Cut mine is located in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales and commenced operation in 2020. It is forecast to produce up to 10 million tonnes per annum of thermal and semi-soft metallurgical coal by 2042. Part of the construction project was to build a workshop and fuel farm.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

The contractor commissioned to build a new maintenance workshop and fuel farm at Wambo Coal Mine used SurePress for all the compressed air, water and oil delivery lines. They installed over 2,500m of SurePress pipework in the shed and over 4,000m for the fuel tank farm.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge for the installer was the weather. After two weeks of unseasonal heavy rain, the site was inaccessible, putting the installation behind schedule. However, as SurePress stainless steel pipe and fittings are fast and easy to install, the contractor was able to meet the tight project deadlines and avoid any costs or penalties involved in running behind schedule.

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