Walsh Bay Wharf

About Walsh Bay Wharf Project

Walsh Bay Wharf is located in Sydney CBD.  The wharf is  heritage-listed and has been converted to a range of hospitality and entertainment venues. Walsh Bay Wharf is situated in famous The Rocks area and is close to the Harbour Bridge. The location enjoys convenient access to selection of number of theatres, bars, restaurants and walks.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

To meet fire compliance regulations, the existing gal fire hydrant piping system under the Walsh Bay Wharf had rusted and needed to be replaced with a durable piping system which was rust resistant and quick to install and modify on site. The installer chose Surepress 108mm 316L stainless steel pipe and fittings for these reasons. Allmach supplied the plumbing contractor with 450m of stainless steel pipe and fittings for a fire hydrant pipeline which consists of stand pipes through the platform to landing valves.

Challenges and Solutions

The biggest challenge for the installer was accessibility. The fire hydrant piping system runs underneath the wharf and the only way the contractor could install it was by boat. Swell and tides made the installation window narrow and challenging, so for the project to be successful they needed a system which could be installed quickly with no welding or specialised tools required. A quick install was also necessary as the old system needed to be replaced as quickly as possible with the new system to avoid the wharf not being protected by a fire hydrant system. Allmach’s Surepress 108mm 316L stainless steel pipe and fittings ticked all those boxes and the installer was able to complete the project on time and within budget.

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