About Suez PWFP Project

SUEZ is working with Prospect Water Filtration Plant (PWFP) upgrading contract to ensure water security for Greater Sydney. SUEZ will utilise the GARDUS Sentinel Dual Containment Hose system on the PWFP project.

Operated by SUEZ since 1993, through an extended build–operate–transfer contract that currently runs until 2035, the PWFP is the largest water filtration plant in Australia and supplies reliable drinking water to 85% of Sydney’s population, approximately four million residents.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

Suez will install GARDUS Sentinel Dual Containment Hose system on the PWFP project for the conveyance of Sodium Hypochlorite following the purchase of 1900m of 50mm ID GARDUS LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). The site is operated by SUEZ on behalf of Sydney Water. The installation includes 3 lines of 475m split into two and will be installed in the Spring 2022. The lines will be alarmed and connected to the existing PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to prevent any environmental spillages and minimal impact on staff and infrastructure.


Allmach is the first company in Australia and Asia Pacific to offer GARDUS: a fully flexible, leak-detectable dual containment hose system that is 48% lighter & 33% cheaper to install than rigid pipe systems.

GARDUS is a flexible, robust, leak-detectable dual containment hose system that is utilised in the water treatment industry for its safety and cost benefits. GARDUS conveys aggressive and high-concentration chemicals safely, eliminating the potential risk to personnel and the environment by containing leaks. Any potentially leaked liquid stays between the inner and outer hose, and with no air gap, wastage is minimised. In addition, with no leakage into the surrounding area, there is no potential risk to health or environment, or disposal of harmful chemicals from a catch pot.

What sets the innovative GARDUS system ahead of the market, is the unique GARDUS Sentinel leak alarm and alert function. In the unlikely event of a leak, the system will immediately shut down the pump and raise the alarm to notify plant controllers via control panels or sms alerts. Learn more here:

Challenges and Solutions

The challenge for any infrastructure project is to minimise downtime during installation and in the event of a failure. GARDUS dual containment flexible hose is lightweight, easy to handle and with just 2 joints per length, is very quick to install or replace.

The Sentinel system offers an instantaneous alarm and pump shutdown that is not currently available using traditional methods and eliminates environmental and health and safety risks/concerns. The system requires a minimal amount of fluid to trigger a complete shutdown minimising spillage. Without the need for expensive catch pots/pits plus low point sensors etc GARDUS will save both time and money.

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