Queanbeyan Civic and Cultural Precinct Redevelopment

About Queanbeyan Civic and Cultural Precinct Redevelopment Project

Queanbeyan Civic and Cultural Precinct is an $83 million capital works project commissioned by the QPR Council in 2021 and is due for completion in late 2023. The new development will consist of 2 towers with 5 levels, a connection to the QTheatre, an art gallery, extensive community space (including a rooftop garden), onsite parking and lettable commercial space. The precinct will replace QPR Council’s old administration building and is an essential component of the council’s CBD Transformation Strategy.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

The plumbing contractor installed Surepress stainless steel 316L pipe and fittings for the project’s water and gas services. Approximately 1.2km (1,200 m) of pipe and fittings in sizes ranging from 15mm -108mm were used. This included stainless steel gas pressfit fittings that are certified to DVGW G260 & DVGW G 5614 standards, are suitable for 5 bar of pressure and broad temperature range.

Challenges and Solutions

The post pandemic labour market is tight and many plumbing contractors are finding it challenging to find suitable skilled labour to install piping systems, and when they do it comes with a large price tag.

Surepress stainless steel pressfit systems are ten times faster to install than traditional piping systems due to its innovative pressfit system. The Supress pressfit system requires no welding or hot work permits. In addition, to ensure complete and proper installation and make inspection easy, the system uses an innovative QA ‘check- sleeve’ and a hand-held bluetooth installation tool with reporting capability.

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