North Pine Dam, Ammonia Dosing Upgrade

About North Pine Dam, Ammonia Dosing Upgrade

Seqwater’s North Pine Dam Water Treatment Plant, is located North of Brisbane, QLD, and turns raw water into drinking water for the Northern suburbs of Moreton Bay, including Pine Rivers, Caboolture, and Redcliffe. According to Seqwater, the treatment plant can treat up to 250 megalitres (ML) of water daily. The upgrade includes an ammonia dosing plant and is part of a series of upgrades planned for the facility.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

Seqwater stipulated that the contractor installed a dual-contained hose system (DCH) for the ammonia dosing treatment for cost efficiency and safety. GARDUS Sentinel was approved for use by the contractor, and 800M of 25mm LDPE (low density polyethylene) of GARDUS Sentinel was installed. GARDUS is a flexible, robust, leak-detectable dual containment hose system utilised in the water treatment industry for its safety and cost benefits.

GARDUS conveys aggressive and high-concentration chemicals safely, eliminating the potential risk to personnel and the environment by containing leaks. The ‘Sentinel’ feature incorporates a leak-alarm-and-alert function that will shut down the pump immediately and raise the alarm to notify plant controllers via control panels or SMS alerts in the unlikely event of a contained leak.

Challenges and Solutions

Seqwater has stringent conditions and specifications required for installations, and there was a high-temperature consideration at the installation location. GARDUS Sentinel met these challenges and was approved for the ammonia dosing line upgrade. Another challenge was the decision for the contractor to install each line as one continuous run, creating an in-and-above-ground installation. The project manager said, “The installation was more efficient than we thought. The challenge was to have 400M in a single run, but the crew installed the hose with no issue”. “The installation time compared to conventional pipes such as PVC is considerably less. using conventional pipes the installation can take 60% more time than installing the LDPE hose”.

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