Maitland Hospital

About the Maitland Hospital

The Maitland hospital is a $470 million project funded by the NSW government and due for completion in mid-2021. The new facility was commissioned to meet the growing health service needs of the Hunter Valley and surrounding communities. The new Maitland hospital will offer a wider range of services than previously available, delivering an additional 150 beds and treatment spaces.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

A development of this magnitude requires signification supporting infrastructure, including service piping. Allmach’s Surepress 316L stainless steel press-fit pipe and fittings have been used for all the gas, hot-water, and cold-water pipes. Allmach supplied an impressive 15 kms of stainless steel pipe, with accompanying press-fit fittings and custom fabricated manifolds for this purpose.

Challenges and Solutions

The plumbing and gas installer reported project challenges including major issues with water quality and meeting project deadlines. They were able to meet those deadlines by using the Surepress 316L stainless steel press-fit system. It required no on-site welding: therefore, no hot works permits were required. The installer was able to crimp fittings SurePress fittings up to 168mm, an advantage over copper pipe that can only be crimped up to 100mm and larger sizes would need welding. QA checks were easier due to the press-check sleeve film and leak path O-rings: this enables easy identification of any unpressed fittings. In addition, the Surepress system is corrosion-proof, leak-proof and has wash-down properties. The Surepress 316L stainless steel press-fit system made the gas and water pipe installation faster, easier, and safer to install than traditional copper pipe, saving significant time and money.

Maitland hospital construction

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