Macarthur Ford

About Macarthur Ford Project

The Macarthur Ford has a long history in Campbelltown, NSW, with Ford dealerships having a long-standing presence in the Macarthur area. In 2005, Macarthur Ford Campbelltown opened and became part of this rich history, and pride themselves on serving and supporting the local community. Many employees are residents and have strong ties to the Macarthur area. Macarthur Ford Campbelltown has an impressive showroom with the latest Ford vehicles on display. They have a purpose-built, 14 work-bay service centre that’s equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and servicing equipment.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

The Macarthur Ford project was completed in 2021. The purpose of the project was to refit the 14-bay service centre with a reticulated air system and a lubrication system. The compressed air system supplies compressed air for air tools and type inflation. The lubrication system supplies the oils and fluids for the lubrication system in cars and both an integral part of the services offered by Macarthur Ford. Allmach supplied over 5km (5,000m) of Surepress 316L 35mm stainless steel pressfit fittings and pipe and 1km (1,000m) of 50mm Unipipe aluminium compressed air pipe and fittings.

Surepress pressfit pipe and fittings were used for the lubrication lines and Unipipe compressed air pipe and fittings were used for the compressed air system.

Challenges and Solutions

Key challenges for Macarthur Ford project included the installation of a compressed air pipe system and a lubrication pipe system in a working environment where down time needed to be kept to a minimum. In addition, most of the work was done from a scissor lift, so the piping systems needed to be a light weight and easy to install. In addition, the project had a tight budget. The Surepress pressfit piping system and Unipipe aluminium piping system met these installation criteria and were delivered in a timely manner from one supplier, Allmach.

Surepress is ten times faster to install and has the capability of on-site modifications, requires no welding, is reliable with a leak-detection and press check sleeve, is compliant, and is European engineered with a 25-year guarantee. UniPipe is a European manufactured high-pressure aluminium modular piping system suitable for compressed air, high-pressure compressed air, the fittings are lightweight, have a dynamic patented grip ring securing the fitting to the pipe, and a colour band identifying fluid type and working pressure.

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