Macadamias Australia

About Macadamias Australia Project

Macadamias Australia project in Bundaberg, Queensland is a brand new $25 million state-of-the-art processing and tourist outlet facility, which was completed in late 2020. The facility houses 18 x 55 tonne silos with the capacity to hold 990 tonnes of uncracked macadamia nuts with an approximate value of $14 million (retail). Macadamias are indigenous to Australia and originate from NE NSW, central and SE QLD. Macadamia Australia is the world’s largest macadamia processor.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

SurePress 316L stainless steel press-fit pipe and fittings were used throughout the macadamia processing plant and included piping for hot and cold water, chilled water and compressed air. Piping and fittings were installed in the storage, cracking, seasoning, and packaging processes. Allmach supplied almost 3,000m of pipe and associated fittings for the project.

Challenges and Solutions

Project challenges for the contractors on site included geographic location, cost, and meeting hygiene regulations. As a regional centre, Bundaberg lacks easy access to warehoused stock; Allmach stock can be delivered the next day. In addition, fabricated conduits for electrical droppers were manufactured to resolve the issue of long drops from the roof to the processing equipment. This resolved issues of on-site fabrication, no welding required (no hot works permit required) and costly on-site labour — saving the installer time and money. In addition, as a food processing facility, the macadamia plant required strict hygiene levels and non-corrosive equipment — the two key product features of SurePress 316L stainless steel press-fit pipe and fittings.

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