JBS at Dinmore, Queensland

About JBS at Dinmore, Queensland

processing facility in the southern hemisphere. JBS reached the capacity to slaughter 4,000 cattle daily when its export-standard beef slaughter floor and processing facility was completed. The new facility upgraded the slaughter floor from three to five lines and includes a cattle race, hot beef chillers, plate freezers, automated palletising, boiler and engine room, boning room gear cleaning area, and staff amenities (Wiley, 2022). <>

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

Surepress 316 stainless steel piping systems were installed in the JBS Dinmore upgrade and expansion project in the slaughter room, cool room, and production lines. Surepress 15mm to 168mm pipe and fittings, tooling, and custom fabricated products were used for washdown, hot and cold water, and compressed air systems. Over 4 km of pipe and 2,000 fittings were used to complete the project.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges for the installation of piping systems included tight time frames due to existing slaughter floor operations and on-time delivery requirements. Surepress piping systems are easily modified on-site and are up to 10 times faster than conventional welding methods, thus reducing installation times and cutting costs by up to 30%. In addition, Allmach’s on-time deliveries met the project’s tight time frames; ensuring materials were readily available for the installation.

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