Ferny Grove Central

About Ferny Grove Central

Ferny Grove Central is a $140 million mixed retail-transport-residential project Northwest of Brisbane, QLD, with a finish date of late 2024. The first stage consisted of 1,400 car parks for rail commuters, with a separate multi storey car park for retail customers. The 12,000sq m retail centre includes food, beverage, health, childcare and entertainment outlets and spaces. Ferny Grove Central will also become a residential hub with the construction of 82 luxury apartments called ‘The Fernery’.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

The services pipe installer Planet Plumbing QLD used Surepress stainless steel 316L pressfit pipe and fittings for all the cold water, water retail meters and gas services. The installation used approximately 4km of stainless steel 316L pressfit pipe, including sizes from 15-168mm, and about 1,500 pressfit fittings. Surepress pressfit piping system requires no welding, is corrosion resistant, includes an innovative “no leak” press-check sleeve solution and is AS5200, WaterMark & AGA compliant.

Challenges and Solutions

The Surepress piping system provided a quality, consistent and cost-effective piping solution for the installer. In a tight labour market, the speed of installation kept labour costs down, and with no hot works permits required, a costly qualified welder was not needed. Surepress stainless steel system outperforms the copper alternative for flow rate, strength, and cost of purchase and installation. In addition, a Surepress piping system also mitigates future risks of copper theft, damage and repair costs.

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