Fantastic Furniture

About the Fantastic Furniture Project

With 80 stores Australia wide, Fantastic Furniture is Australia’s best value furniture and bedding retailer. During a recent upgrade of one of its Sydney stores, the compressed air installer, Focus Industrial upgraded their compressed air system by correctly sizing the compressed air pipe. This enabled a steady and consistent air supply to their existing machinery and new machinery that was being installed. The compressed air is used for operating machinery, including air tools and CNC machines. Focus Industrial began in 1976 and specialises in providing and repairing pneumatic tools and air compressors and is an experienced and trusted pneumatic authority in Australia.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

Focus Industrial used approx. 600m of pipe and hundreds of fittings. UniPipe is a European manufactured high-pressure aluminium modular piping system suitable for compressed air, high-pressure compressed air, nitrogen, industrial gases, and vacuum applications. The fittings are lightweight, have a dynamic patented grip ring that secures the fitting to the pipe identifying working pressure.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the key challenges involved with the Fantastic Furniture project was the short period of time to complete the project, and with a lot of floor space covered, manoeuvring around pallets and machinery was also big challenge. Focus Industrial used UniPipe compressed air piping system, as based on their experience, decided it was the best piping system for the job. They reported the system required a lot less brackets than a poly variant, is lighter and the unique grip ring connection meant it was quicker to install and fewer obstructions had to be moved below.

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