Coburn Mineral Sands, Strandline

About Coburn Mineral Sands, Strandline

Coburn is one of the world’s most extensive and most capital-efficient mineral sand projects (zircon and titanium-rich deposit), with infrastructure nearing completion and the first production planned for the last quarter of 2022 (Strandline Resources). Construction includes the installation of a worker’s camp, the main access road, and its production water bore. It is situated 240km north of the significant minerals port of Geraldton, Western Australia. Strandline has 100% of Coburn’s forecast revenue, secured with several sales contracts across the world estimated to average ~ AUD 200m pa.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

Allmach supplied the piping systems to install a compressed air line for use in the sand separation process. Products supplied include approx. 3,000m (3km) Surepress carbon steel press-fit pipe and 3,500 fittings, galvanised threaded fittings, pipe support systems, and bluetooth press-fit tooling. The carbon steel carbon pipe & fittings are externally and internally zinc coated to improve their corrosion resistance.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the biggest challenges of the project is the remoteness of the site and getting the product delivered. The installer’s feedback was that they valued the extra effort Allmach made to assist them in finding a cost-effective delivery method to such a remote site.

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