Why selecting a Pressfit Bluetooth tool makes all the difference in producing a quality outcome

Innovative Surepress Pressfit is where form and function co-exist in harmony

Having the right tool for the job is a critical factor that determines whether a job is done efficiently and reliably, or haphazardly with questionable results.

Surepress Pressfit Bluetooth tools are among the market’s most innovative tools ensuring accurate joints without resorting to hot work permits, soldering or welded pipe connections that can fail.

According to research, leaks are a significant source of lost energy in a compressed air system, wasting up to 30% efficiency and output.

Another study showed that 11% of overall incidents impacting people or the environment between 2015-2019 were due to weld failures in pipes.

Quality joints that eliminate human error and the inconsistency of welding are possible when selecting the right Surepress Pressfit tool for the job.

Selecting the right tools for the job is easy with Surepress Pressfit

Having the right tools for any job is critical to success.

Tools that are inefficient, outdated or not maintained are a recipe for disaster.

It’s a quick road to unhappy customers, engineers and site managers.

As a professional contractor, you need your tools to be working so efficiently they feel like an extension of the installer.

Allmach’s Surepress Pressfit Bluetooth tools come in 3 sizes to match the right application, including:

  • 15 – 54mm Press Tool
  • 15 – 108mm Press Tool, and
  • 76 – 168mm Press Tool

Separate jaws and collars can be fitted to accommodate the pipe size being worked on, with pressure ratings ranging from 16  – 40 bar/230  – 580 psi.

Pipe sizes from 15mm to 168mm can be accommodated using the appropriate jaw adapter and collar.

SurePress Pressfit tools are among the market’s smallest, lightest, and most accurate pressing tools.

An innovative feature of the Surepress Pressfit crimping tool system is the integration with Bluetooth technology. It connects to your smart device for live data updates from the tool to your phone/tablet.

By using the app, you can connect and confirm the number of successful press joints completed on-site. You can download pressing data and history as part of your compliance and quality control processes.  It allows operators to instantly access the tool’s performance so you can work efficiently and quickly. Reliable and accurate pipe connections are completed in seconds.

The tooling systems feature slimline handpiece designs, rotatable heads, and an LED light, making them easy to navigate in complex installations. Surepress Pressfit tools make working in confined spaces easier.

Using the SurePress Pressfit tooling system decreases installation times. The brushless motor allows for up to 40% more compressions per battery charge.

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your tools working for you

You’ve invested in a market-leading pressfit tool that makes your work accurate, quality assured and measurable. You want to ensure your tools are properly maintained and continue delivering quality joints to your piping connections on-site.

Having fit-for-purpose press tools, jaws, slings and batteries is critical for all press fitting joint conformance. Significant press fitting joint failures result from poorly maintained press tools, jaws, slings and underperforming batteries.

That’s why regular servicing is so important.

Here are some maintenance tips to get the best out of your Surepress Pressfit Bluetooth tools:

  • Before using any of our press tools, sling or jaw fittings, be sure to check the correct service interval and correct operation of the tool. The warranty may become void if the tool is not used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Similarly, the warranty may become void if the recommended manufacturer’s maintenance requirements are not met
  • Fit for purpose, regularly serviced and tested press tools, jaws, slings and batteries are critical for all press fitting joint conformance
  • Correct battery charge and performance should also be checked to ensure correct tool operation
  • Surepress Pressfit tools should be serviced every 2 years or at the defined number of cycles, whichever occurs first
  • Surepress Pressfit jaws should be serviced every 2 years
  • Surepress Pressfit slings should be serviced every 12 months
  • Tool batteries should be tested at least every 2 years

Surepress Pressfit Bluetooth technology removes the risk of failure at each joint. It’s your best choice for predictable, reliable, and fast joint connections.

Performing routine maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions will ensure your Surepress Pressfit tool continues operating at its optimal level.

Servicing your Surepress Pressfit tool is convenient through our easy-to-complete online form. Allmach’s technical staff are here to assist you with this form or any queries you may have. They can also help determine the Surepress Pressfit tool that best suits your needs, as well as sharing and walking you through the datasheets, helping you make an informed choice.

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