Why Listening to our Customers Leads Allmach's Business Growth

Every customer interaction serves as a barometer, reflecting how a company’s products and services stack up against the competition. In highly competitive markets, satisfied customers are vital for ongoing success, as they not only become brand ambassadors but also attract new customers through positive word-of-mouth. On the flip side, getting it wrong can spell disaster for a business!

By harnessing valuable insights from feedback, businesses can identify what’s effective, what requires more attention, and how to maintain customer satisfaction. Allmach reached out to its customer base, seeking feedback to enhance their experience as an Allmach customer, and the results were invaluable. Here’s what we found out:

Listening with Intent to Understand

A quote from the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, states that “most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Active listening plays a vital role by providing customers with a platform to express their experiences and insights. By genuinely understanding their needs, preferences, and challenges, businesses can cultivate meaningful relationships and drive customer satisfaction.

Allmach understands the significance of active listening in building strong customer relationships. We made a conscious effort to engage in research and dialogue with our customers. We listened to feedback with the aim of understanding customer’s concerns and what can be improved.

We’ve Listened - this is What We’ve Learnt

Allmach has worked on its processes to create a seamless experience for its customers. When a customer’s journey with us is smooth, it is testament to all the planning, processes, and behind-the-scenes improvements we make. It validates how seriously our on-going commitment is to ISO9001, and our continuous improvement mindset.

Feedback from recent customer experience workshops showed that our paperwork is seamless and the transactional side of purchasing from Allmach, as well as receiving the piping products, is easy. This feedback is especially valuable to us because we understand the pressures of working on tight timelines on piping installations.

“Allmach’s customer service is outstanding. When I place an order, they are very responsive. I order over the phone, it’s just easier that way because I’m always driving”
– Customer testimonial

Delays, stock hold-ups, and errors in invoicing and paperwork are the last things we want to burden you and your business with.

“Our KPI is ‘are they easy to buy from or not?” and Allmach are (easy to buy from).
– Customer testimonial

Some described our customer service as Allmach’s “secret sauce”, something we absolutely love to hear!

Customer Feedback Informs Where Allmach Can Improve

While many customers prefer to place orders via the phone, Allmach knows that providing an easy-to-order from website gives people options when buying. Some of the feedback around our website was it needed to be better, or as one customer said, it needed to be “as friction-less as possible”.

We’ve listened and agreed.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve made significant improvements to our website. We are currently cataloguing our products into an array of high-resolution product images and descriptions to keep customers better informed and making the users’ experience seamless. Look out for some exciting changes to our website soon!

We also understand that some of you don’t like ordering from a website. Many prefer to pick up the phone to talk to our technical experts when placing the order.

This feedback has been crucial, allowing Allmach to provide a range of options for our customer’s diverse needs. This is one-way Allmach can make our customer’s lives easier, to get on with running their business.

Pressure of Project Implementation Timeframes and Labour Costs Addressed

Most of the feedback received from customers was around pressure to deliver project project installations faster and cheaper. By having stock on-hand and using reliable delivery services, the positive impact to customers makes doing business faster, therefore cheaper.

One of our customers told us:

“They’ve always got product, that’s the big one” says one customer “I don’t think the whole time I’ve been dealing with them they’ve ever had to put product on back order. Allmach always have the parts that we need when we need them”.

By having efficient processes, accurate paperwork and high stock availability, installers can go about fulfilling their projects with greater ease. And with that ease comes less down time, and less impact on implementation timeframes.

Another customer noted how Allmach’s solution-focused approach to getting piping supply stock to them quickly is so important to getting their work done:

“We are in a remote location, but they always find a way to get things to us. It’s that ‘can-do’ attitude that keeps me close to Allmach”
– Customer testimonial


Allmach has seen first-hand how speaking directly with customers both can reinforce what’s already working well and point out the areas where we can improve.
We continue to invest in our people, processes, and quality improvement, plus provide our customers with a better online ordering experience.
We deeply appreciate and humbly value the feedback provided by all those who took the time to share their insights with us.
Remember that we are always open to a conversation around your needs, and what matters to you.

To continue in the dialogue, please reach out to our supportive team at

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