15 November 2022

Water treatment innovations showcased at the Sydney Water Expo 2022

Leading Australian plumbing and fittings supplier Allmach are exhibitors at the 14th annual Sydney Water Expo on 15th November 2022.

The event includes authorities within the Water industry, keynote speakers and Sydney Water’s infrastructure, planning and environment policymakers.

The theme for this year’s Expo is a focus on ‘Sustainable infrastructure delivery – post pandemic opportunities and challenges’

Allmach’s Managing Director Geoff Pugh highlights the timing of this year’s expo and its importance:

“The last 2 years have been crippling for businesses carrying out water-related infrastructure projects. Managing the fallout from global supply shortages and labour disruptions resulting from the pandemic has been a challenge for those businesses. As a supplier, we must keep a pulse on supporting infrastructure delivery that is environmentally sustainable with a focus on reducing waste” says Mr Pugh.

In keeping with the theme of sustainable infrastructure delivery, the expo is a great way to demonstrate Allmach’s innovative piping and hose products.


Justin Allingham, Technical Consultant at Allmach, and attendee of the Sydney Water Expo added:

“We are keen to showcase our water treatment solutions at this year’s expo and show how we can help deliver more sustainable infrastructure. Eliminating wastage is important to us as we are a company focused on innovation that is good for the environment”

“The Sydney Water Expo is always an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded infrastructure experts and fellow providers in a collaborative and information-sharing platform. We have a special interest in hearing about industry best practices around sustainability and value in infrastructure delivery”

Allmach will have technical experts on hand at the expo who can discuss how their products can help meet infrastructure delivery needs.

The expo will run from 9am until 3.30pm with key insights for the future direction of water infrastructure delivery and the water industry.

Allmach is an Australian piping systems supplier with a focus on sustainable infrastructure delivery and innovative solutions including leak detection. Allmach is ISO9001 certified and is a major wholesaler and distributor of PVC, Polyethylene, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and pipe, fittings and valves, suitable for the delivery of mains water, wastewater and water treatment, in particular chemical dosing and aeration.

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