Pipes and Stripes: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Polyethylene Piping

The Importance of Easily Identifiable Colour-Coded Pipes

Polyethylene piping provides versatile and durable solutions for a wide range of applications, including sewer piping, gas distribution, slurry transportation, and various water-related purposes. With their colour-coded stripes, these pipes offer efficient and safe performance, making them suitable for irrigation and drainage, sewer systems, and water treatment plants.

The polyethylene pipes that Allmach supplies are specifically designed to cater to various applications, ensuring optimal performance in different scenarios. These pipes deliver exceptional results from gravity and rising sewer systems to gas distribution and recycled water transportation. They are also suitable for irrigation and drainage purposes, making them ideal for broad-acreage watering, stock watering lots, crop irrigation, and dam and tank water transfer.

The Significance of Easily Identifiable Colour-Coded Pipes

One of the standout features of these polyethylene pipes is their easily identifiable colour-coded stripes. These stripes play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and safety by quickly and accurately identifying the pipe’s intended application and material composition.

The colour-coded system simplifies the process of distinguishing between different types of pipes, ensuring that the right pipe is selected for its specific purpose. Whether it’s sewer piping, gas distribution, or water treatment, the colour-coded stripes streamline the decision-making process, saving time and ensuring the correct pipe is used.

Enhancing Efficiency and Ease of Use with Stripes

Colour-coded stripes on polyethylene pipes make them very efficient and easy to recognise and use. The colour-coded system eliminates confusion and potential errors during installation and maintenance with its easily visible stripes. Colours can be used as a full jacket while performing the same function as stripes on the pipes.

For example, the colour-coded stripes in irrigation systems help differentiate between pipes designated for broad-acreage watering, stock watering lots, crop irrigation, and dam and tank water transfer. This clear identification system ensures that the pipes are used in the appropriate context, maximising the irrigation system’s efficiency.

The versatility of polyethylene piping extends to its different variations, including those with distinct colours and stripes. These colour-coded pipes provide valuable information about their designated applications and help ensure their proper usage and compatibility. Here are some examples of polyethylene pipes with specific colours and stripes:

HDPE black pipe, with no stripes, is suitable for a wide range of applications, making it a versatile choice. It can be used for water supply, irrigation, drainage, and other non-fuel gas applications.

HDPE black pipe with blue stripes is specifically designed for drinking water lines and potable water pipelines. The blue stripes serve as a visual indicator that the pipe is intended for carrying water suitable for consumption.

HDPE black and yellow pipe is designated for applications involving fuel gases, process gases, and liquefied gases under pressure. The yellow colour or stripes on the pipe serve as a safety precaution, clearly identifying its purpose.

HDPE pipe black with red stripes is dedicated to the water supply for fire extinguishing systems. The red stripes on the black pipe indicate that it is specifically designed for carrying water used in fire suppression.

HDPE pipe black with lilac stripes (or black with purple stripes) is meant for recycled or reclaimed water pipes. The lilac or purple stripes on the black pipe highlight its purpose as a conduit for non-potable water that has undergone recycling or reclamation processes.

HDPE pipe black with cream stripes is designed for sewer pipes. The cream stripes on the black pipe provide a visual identifier that the pipe is used for sewer systems and the distribution of wastewater.

These colour-coded variations of HDPE pipes offer a convenient and efficient way to identify the pipes’ intended applications. By using the appropriate colour-coded pipes, industry professionals can ensure their piping systems’ safety, efficiency, and compliance in various contexts.

Safety Enhancement and Hazard Prevention

The colour-coded stripes on polyethylene pipes also contribute to safety enhancement and hazard prevention. In applications such as sewer piping and gas distribution, the clear identification system helps workers and emergency responders identify the type of content and associated hazards, ensuring proper handling and minimising the risk of accidents.

Colour-coded stripes play a crucial role in complying with standards and regulations. For water treatment plants, where the quality and safety of treated water are paramount, the colour-coded system ensures that pipes designated for sewage treatment plants, water recycling plants, and potable water treatment plants are correctly utilised. Allmach’s PE pipes comply with Australian safety standards AS4130 and AS1345.


Allmach has a wide range of polyethylene pipes, with their easily identifiable colour-coded stripes, providing efficient and safe solutions for a wide range of applications. These pipes are suitable for sewer piping, gas distribution, slurry transportation, and various water-related purposes, including irrigation and drainage, sewer systems, and water treatment plants.

The colour-coded system simplifies the identification and selection process, ensuring the correct pipe is used for the intended application. It enhances efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Allmach’s range of polyethylene pipes offers users versatility, adaptability, and exceptional performance, making them a preferred choice for professionals needing reliable and efficient piping solutions.

Visit to find out more about which piping solution best suits your needs. Our expert technical staff possess in-depth product knowledge and can help you in finding the perfect poly piping solution for your requirements. At Allmach, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient piping solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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