Allmach’s CEO Geoff Pugh: From humble beginnings to taking the path less travelled

Geoff Pugh, CEO of Allmach, has always taken the road less travelled. Initially working in his family’s machining business, Geoff could have continued the family legacy. However, after a decade, he saw the potential for something greater and took the risk of venturing out with his brother to create a new enterprise. That was in 1993.

Fast forward to the present day, Geoff and his leadership team have built Allmach into the company it is today, where family values and customer service are at the heart of its being.

Why Embracing Change and Driving Innovation is Critical for Business Success

In the ever-evolving world of business, change is a necessity for survival. While introducing new products or methods can be challenging, it is crucial to recognise when traditional approaches are no longer effective. Geoff Pugh emphasises the importance of embracing change.

“To stay in business and evolve, we must continuously embrace new ideas.”

The fear of losing business or missing out on opportunities can be a powerful motivator for change within any industry. As the plumbing supply market shifts directions, it’s essential to let go of outdated practices and stay relevant.

Redefining Possibilities: How Innovation Reshapes Organisations

Change isn’t just about diversifying product ranges; it requires a shift in mindset to identify and provide solutions customers don’t even know they need. Geoff and his team saw untapped opportunities in the market after realising the end-user was not where they needed to focus.

Allmach discovered a significant gap in the reseller market, where competitors were falling short in serving contractors. Recognising this as an easy win, Geoff and his team pivoted the business to primarily cater to contractors and resellers.

Their goal was simple: make contractors’ jobs easier and increase their chances of success by becoming trusted advisors. Allmach disrupted the supply model by offering flexibility, eliminating pack quantity requirements, and providing next-day delivery where others had a minimum 2-day turnaround or charged exorbitant fees for expedited shipping.

“We partnered with reliable couriers who could handle 6-metre lengths, enabling us to deliver to places like Canberra, Newcastle, and over the Blue Mountains from Sydney within a day. This level of service truly impressed our customers. Even now, we continue to work with these couriers.” says Geoff.

Embracing a change mindset can help create operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction with truly innovative problem-solving. It’s a solution-focused mindset that continues to permeate Allmach to this day.

Navigating the CEO Role and the Responsibility of Leadership

The role of CEO is all-encompassing for most organisations. Success or failure often points squarely at the CEO. Allmach is different in this regard:

“Running a business means high levels of responsibility, something that can feel daunting at times,” reflects Mr Pugh “But having family involved makes the difference with Allmach. I have immense support from Roy and Andrew (Pugh) in NSW and Chris (Millar) in QLD”.

Why company values aren't something you get from an HR playbook

Geoff is a firm believer that company values are more than slogans or words on a mission statement. Values are the standard one holds themselves to, and it filters down to everyone in the organisation.

“We’re not a top-down hierarchical type company. Everyone feels they will be heard if they raise something. People feel valued when you take their concerns seriously,” says Geoff.

Geoff and the leadership team at Allmach have an unwavering dedication to safety and well-being. If staff raise concerns around safety, it’s something Allmach places priority above everything else:

“If something’s brought to our attention, and it’s a safety issue identified, let’s fix it straight away. This is part of the culture of this company” shares Geoff.
“If we only get one thing right as an organisation, it’s to ensure everyone gets home safely”.

Geoff thinks everyone can set exemplary behaviour and carry themselves to a higher standard to create a unified workforce.

“People look to see whether you’re setting an example through your actions. You can’t expect a certain culture in a company if you’re not setting the standard yourself. Actions speak louder than words or slogans. Everyone at Allmach can be the example for a caring, productive, and supportive workplace”.

Reflecting on Lessons Learnt as CEO of Allmach

One lesson that Geoff reflects upon as CEO is the importance of letting go and delegating responsibility. Micromanaging can hinder individual and organisational growth. By empowering others and providing guidance, an environment of innovation and collaboration can be fostered:

“Relinquishing control is not always easy, but it allows the team at Allmach to do what they do best across their area of expertise. It’s about recognising that we don’t have to do everything ourselves, and in letting go, we open space for others to shine and bring fresh perspectives to our organisation.”

This article is the second in a series on Getting to Know the People Behind the Brand.

Geoff Pugh (CEO) started Allmach in 1993 and has more than 30 years in the piping supply business. He is a firm believer in never settling for average.

You’ll find this drive and determination from all employees at Allmach.
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