Managing Risk across the Water Treatment industry

Allmach’s piping systems can eliminate virtually all risks for your existing or next water treatment infrastructure solution. Allmach’s GARDUS Sentinel flexible dual containment hose, SurePress quality assured pressfit pipe and fittings and UniPlas Sch80 uPVC pipes and fittings are your key to operate a safe and efficient water treatment operation.

Environmental disasters are your best way to get noticed…for all the wrong reasons!

Companies like yours have enough to deal in winning tenders and delivering solutions.

The last thing you want is to be responsible for causing harm to people, fauna and the environment. We’ve all heard of devastating environmental spillages in other industries. Given many treatment plants are near water sources, biosecurity risks are always present. Spillages can devastate life and the environment, plus a company’s reputation. Sydney Water recently received substantial fines when overflow from a Shellharbour sewerage failure leaked into nearby beaches.*

GARDUS, the dual containment hose that prevents leaks and spills

GARDUS has only 2 fittings – point of entry and exit. It’s flexible, so there’s less stress on the hose. Most importantly, it’s the first alarm/alert leak detect hose system in Australia. GARDUS immediately signals an alarm and shuts off valves in the event of a leak. Operators immediately know where the leak is. Rest assured knowing that installing a GARDUS solution to new or existing infrastructure will always let you know if there’s a leak, safeguarding your employees and the environment.

Infrastructure projects can be challenging…

Let’s face it, infrastructure projects are not the easiest to execute.

Anyone operating water treatment infrastructure knows there’s a lot to deal with: safe transfer of chemicals, human safety, environmental safety and the issue of cost blowouts, to name a few.  Where the ordinary person merely sees pipes, we see distribution pathways for chemical transfers and purification that need to reach point A to point B safely and efficiently.

Dual containment systems are the standard in Europe and the UK, and are becoming increasingly sought after by companies here.

So why are Customers still using expensive, heavy, inflexible water treatment solutions that are harder to detect leaks?

It doesn’t make sense, does it? From our market research, it boils down to a few things; namely, lack of awareness of the market-leading piping solutions we offer, and dare we say it, resistance to change…

But we’ve always done it this way

This is by far the biggest comment we hear.

Generally, people stick to what they know: routines, habits and work practices included. No one likes changing something that’s worked in the past, even if there’s something better. The idea of change can be unsettling, especially when under pressure to get the job done quickly.

Why change now?

What if we told you our products that are 43% cheaper to install bringing down your project costs, 48% lighter making transportation more efficient, more than 10x faster  to install than traditional methods and are safer for your workers and the environment?

Sounds pretty good, right?

What if we said it was a proven technology, used with great success in the UK since 2012, with virtually every water authority using it as the new standard for water treatment solutions?

When you balance up these factors, the real question is why wouldn’t you change to Allmach’s superior water treatment piping solutions for all new and retro-fit jobs? Allmach has the expertise and products to help make this process straightforward.

The easiest path to reliable joints

Allmach’s SurePress stainless steel piping system is easy to install, without the need for welding, gluing or solder welding. It requires no specialist skill to achieve quality joints by following a few simple instructions.

We’ve listened to feedback from engineers who say the biggest risk for failure is at each joint. Most failures result from bad prep and/or poor installation. A quality joint relies on the experience of the installer.  With traditional methods, everyone welds differently, glues differently, copper braises differently – these all introduce inconsistency and human error at each joint.

Multiply this by hundreds of joins and the success versus failure rests solely on the capability of the installer. Scary thought isn’t it?

By using Allmach’s GARDUS and SurePress systems for your water treatment installs, the major benefit is this: it doesn’t matter who does the joint, you can be guaranteed consistent and predictable results every time (when following the easy instructions). SurePress has a visual QA process so you immediately know whether the joint has been done correctly.

Think of how much time could be saved knowing your QA processes are guaranteed, not to mention the peace of mind!

Allmach really are your partners in water treatment risk management. For more information about how Allmach can help with your risk management, contact one of our knowledgeable technical consultants.

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