Join Allmach’s 6K Team Challenge to help children in Tanzania access clean water

Clean water is a fundamental human right that’s out of reach for many

As the OzWater ’23 annual conference nears closer, the themes of water preservation, water scarcity and our human right to access clean water are in the spotlight.

Resilience and water scarcity are one of the main themes at OzWater ’23 that look at addressing Goal 6 of the U.N’s 2030 targets for Economic and Social Affairs.

The United Nations Charter for Sustainable Development aims to meet the goal of ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by the end of the decade.

There is an international focus to support developing countries in water and sanitation-related activities and programmes.  At the local level, Allmach is contributing to this goal through Allmach’s 6K Team Challenge in May.  As a piping solutions provider dealing with water-related infrastructure solutions every day, Allmach understands how fortunate we are to have sanitary and available water at the turn of a tap. And as a way of contributing our good fortune to those in need, Allmach, in partnership with Compassion Australia is raising funds to provide the gift of clean water to Tanzania’s children.

What’s in a name? The 6k Team Challenge explained

Most children in Australia and New Zealand grow up without having to think about clean water – it’s readily available. From drinking bubblers at schools and parks to running through a backyard sprinkler in summer to cool down, most of us grew up with an abundance of water available.

On the other hand, the situation for children in Tanzania is much different. They have to walk an average of 6 kilometres each day to get water for their families. Often the only source of water available to them is contaminated as it can be shared with animals accessing the very same water source. The U.N. estimates that at least 3 billion people depend on water sources where the quality is unmonitored and unknown. UNICEF states that only 15% of Tanzania’s population has access to such water sources.

The Allmach 6K Team Challenge for Charity gets its name from the distance Tanzanian children walk to collect water. The challenge is to walk the same distance and raise $6,000 through generous sponsored donations. Allmach is keen to demonstrate both commitment and action in making a positive impact to improve sanitation in developing countries.

How we can all help support this fundraiser by giving the gift of clean water

Every year the team at Allmach focus on a charity drive to help make an impact on those who need it most. The 6k Team Challenge is this year’s annual charitable fundraiser.

The money raised will help fund the construction of boreholes at 2 child development centres in Tanzania. These boreholes will have a transformational impact on the surrounding communities as well as hundreds of children’s lives and their families.

Allmach’s 6K Team Challenge runs from 16  – 26 May 2023. Donations are tax deductible and can be made at any time through the following link:

On behalf of everyone at Allmach, we hope you can contribute to making the dream of sanitary water a reality for the children of Tanzania and thank you in advance.

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