Can ISO9001 make the difference between thriving versus surviving? Let’s see how Allmach does it

What is ISO9001 and why it matters to Allmach's processes?

ISO9001 is an international quality management framework that can be applied to all organisations regardless of size or geography. There is a certification process of attainment that is audited annually to ensure companies maintain the standards that ISO9001 sets.

The quality management principles are arranged across 7 pillars, namely Customer Focus, Leadership, Engagement of People, Process Approach, Improvement, Evidence-based decision-making, and Relationship Management.

Does a company need to be ISO9001 certified? No.

Does it make a substantial difference when dealing with an ISO9001-certified organisation? That would be a resounding “Yes”.

Here’s why:

Being ISO9001 certified is not a “set and forget” process. In fact, the framework itself supports a culture of continuous improvement, learning and efficiency.

ISO9001 is part of Allmach’s overall philosophy of never settling for average, and the framework is embedded in everything the company does.

Allmach Managing Director Chris Millar sees this as fundamental to a culture of continuous improvement:

“The thing with ISO standards such as 9001 is people view them as the solution or method by which you run your business. When in fact, it’s the reverse.

To Allmach it really is a sign of attainment.

You must have the systems in place first before you get the ISO 9001 standard.

You can’t “buy” ISO 9001 and bolt it onto your business to make it run better!

Your business must be running effectively and consistently before you can get accreditation.

It’s a sign of doing business consistently well. Of course, we’re audited and we must pass that every time and show our business continues meeting the standard.”

Can an auditor be your ally when it comes to ISO9001? We think so

When people hear the word “audit”, it often puts them in an apprehensive state. It would not be overstating it to say feelings such as “uncomfortable” or even “dread” come up whenever someone mentions they are getting audited.

At Allmach, we have a different reaction to being audited. Quality Manager George Fillis sees it as an opportunity for improvement. As a former Qantas engineer, George was drawn to Allmach given they both share a passion for quality and a culture of continuous improvement.

“ISO9001 is behind everything we do at Allmach,” says George. “You can link it back to how we do things, both in our internal processes and externally with how we work with our customers.”

He goes on to state that “everything that we do, all our core processes and procedures are all documented in our quality management system. You can link anything that happens at Allmach through that system. Another way to look at it is you can’t have growth without having these processes in place. It’s our way of future-proofing the company.”

Going through the annual ISO9001 audit is an opportunity to see if any processes or procedures need improvement, but it’s also a way of reinforcing the positive aspects of each process. This year’s audit found very few items needing corrective action, something that Allmach sees as a measure of its commitment to quality.

The audit process keeps Allmach honest about its processes, it’s not a “set and forget” thing.
Continuous improvement and quality assurance impacts all areas of the business. It’s one of the reasons customers have fewer issues with things like purchasing and invoicing.

ISO9001 as a way to do bigger and better things

The certification itself is not the ultimate solution; instead, it serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement within organisations. Allmach has experienced firsthand how ISO9001 certification has unlocked opportunities for securing larger and more prestigious contracts, including partnerships with industry leaders.

In highly regulated environments such as these, ISO certification acts as a tangible demonstration of an organisation’s efficiency, ease of collaboration, and traceable processes across all operational aspects. This has also allowed Allmach to establish its third warehouse in NSW within a span of a few years. This expansion means increased stock availability and enhanced scalability, letting Allmach cater to higher volumes of customer needs.

The adoption of ISO 9001 across all processes has played a significant role in enhancing efficiency and facilitating growth for Allmach in recent years. As a result, Allmach has attracted a diverse range of customers and experienced internal growth, highlighting the organisation’s emphasis on cultivating a positive work culture and employee engagement.


Being an ISO9001 company is a way to demonstrate its commitment to its people, processes and customer focus. It has helped Allmach grow as an organisation without sacrificing quality and customer experience. The annual auditing process keeps Allmach agile and future-focused, something that has immense benefits to its employees and a commitment to its customers.

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What is ISO9001? - Allmach Piping Systems

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