The Power of Human Connection

In the age of bots, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Automation, has the human element become obsolete?

It seems you can hardly go a day without hearing something on the news or social media about AI and the speed at which technology advances. Since the start of 2023, technology has been evolving and re-inventing itself at an exponential rate, with tools such as ChatGPT almost becoming household names. It’s natural to look at the rapid speed of these changes and question whether technology will have a detrimental impact on the work we do. At Allmach, this got us thinking about the rise of bots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and automation, with this specific question in mind: will the human element soon become obsolete?

Rapid Technology Advances – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

There is no doubt that technological advances help push the piping industry forward towards greater efficiencies. As the industry progresses with more technology integration, there are opportunities to create new products or ways of working.

With consumers moving towards “smart” plumbing systems that integrate automation into plumbing solutions, it’s expected that there’ll be some crossover into the piping supply industry, particularly towards improving solutions that monitor water usage, detect leaks, optimise energy consumption, and provide real-time data on infrastructure health.

A prime example of integrating smart capability into piping solutions includes Allmach’s Gardus dual containment hose system that integrates leak detection with real-time data updates and automated valve shut-off if a leak is detected.

Advancements in technology offer numerous opportunities for automation in Inventory Management, streamlining routine tasks such as order processing, inventory management, and supply chain logistics for increased operational efficiency. Similarly, organisations are leveraging augmented reality as visual tools for training, and employing chatbots and AI in customer service systems to deliver quick and accurate answers to basic customer enquiries, allowing customer-facing representatives to concentrate on addressing more intricate customer needs.

These are just a handful of areas where investing in AI, AR and automation can provide value to benefit businesses and consumers alike.

So, if these technologies have the ability for a positive impact on the piping supply industry, are there any drawbacks?

While AI and AR-type technology is very impressive and will have huge impacts on all future industries, including plumbing supply, there are areas where the human element will continue to reign supreme, continuing to offer real-world value to customers.

The Power of Human Connection

At the heart of human-centered customer service lies emotional connection. Genuine relationships are built on emotions, empathy, and understanding – qualities that AI can simulate but cannot replicate in earnest. Customers seek empathy and support during challenging situations, which human customer service representatives are better equipped to provide. They possess emotional intelligence, enabling them to establish meaningful connections and offer personalised assistance that technology cannot match.

Complex Problem-Solving and Adaptability

While AI-powered bots excel at handling routine and straightforward customer enquiries, they fall flat when faced with complex or unique situations. Human representatives can adapt to unforeseen circumstances, interpret nuanced queries, and come up with creative solutions to complex problems. People have critical thinking skills, creativity, and adaptability – traits that are needed when addressing customer needs that extend beyond the expectations of automation.

Trust, Credibility, and Personalisation

Building trust and credibility often necessitates a human touch. There is nothing quite like a conversation to solve a problem or solidify a deal with the shake of a hand. Customers may hesitate to fully trust AI systems and may feel more comfortable discussing sensitive matters with people instead. Human interaction allows for the establishment of rapport, understanding of specific customer needs, and provision of personalised recommendations or solutions. Each customer is unique, and customer service representatives can tailor experiences accordingly, accounting for individual preferences, histories, and contexts. Human interactions are so nuanced when we think about it; we often get a “feel” for a person. It’s not always what’s said, but how it’s said and the non-verbal cues that AI cannot authentically tune into.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Human representatives possess the invaluable ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. They can handle unexpected situations effectively, adjusting their communication style, tone, and approach based on individual customer preferences and requirements. This flexibility ensures positive customer relationships and enables representatives to deliver exceptional service.

The Piping supply Industry thrives on Human Interaction

The piping industry often involves hands-on work, collaboration, and problem-solving in physical environments. While technology can provide valuable support in terms of data analysis and lightning-speed algorithmic decision-making, we think these qualities will enhance human capabilities rather than replace them.


In the age of bots, AI, AR, and automation, the human element remains an irreplaceable aspect of customer service. Allmach acknowledges the enduring value of emotional connection, complex problem-solving, trust-building, and personalised experiences that only people bring to the table.

However, as a progressive company, Allmach knows that by integrating technology effectively, we can enhance customer service, streamline routine tasks, and focus on providing value and delivering exceptional solutions. We believe that the harmonious balance between technology and human expertise will ensure that the piping supply industry continues to evolve and thrive, all while providing human interactions that foster customer experiences.

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