Allmach’s Chris Millar shares why passion for excellence continues to fuel his 30 year career

Allmach Data Systems & Marketing Manager Chris Millar has seen many changes in a career spanning 3 decades.

These changes have had profound impacts on the piping industry and customers looking for better solutions and products for their needs.

Chris has a passion for the industry and it’s evident by the way he views working with customers and staying ahead of industry best practices.

In this first part series of articles, we get to hear directly from the people behind the brand at Allmach; their insights, values, customer focus and adapting to an ever-changing industry landscape.

Having a unique point of difference is your greatest asset

When we think of a successful brand or company, we know there’s something special about them. We know what they stand for, and we also know how we feel when we interact with them.

So what is different about Allmach compared to other companies in the piping supply industry?

Chris Millar believes it’s a unique combination of passion and experience.

“Sourcing the best products globally isn’t enough to set yourself apart, it’s the people in your organisation that make you stand out.

It’s the fact that we have stakeholders (invested owners of the business) who are also customer-facing. I believe this translates to how we interact, having a flow on effect out to the rest of the team.

It’s that passion for customer satisfaction and helping the customer out, but it’s combined with many years of experience. 

Across the main shareholders (Geoff, Andrew, Roy, and myself) we’re pushing 100+ years of experience; that’s what makes us different. It’s something we’re fortunate to have.  We have that experience, but also have passion – it’s not just a job for us.

We’ve all built Allmach into what it is, through passion and hard work.”

Experience plus knowledge is the hallmark of continued business success

Experience comes from the combination of skills, lessons learnt and empathy to understand your customer.

“A big part of that is the way we’ve progressed over the years, from grassroots, actually going out and doing installations and not just selling the products.

We didn’t have mobile phones when we started, so we’d pack up for the day knowing how important it was to get it right before leaving. Because if you left something behind, you’d have to retrace your steps and start over.

So, we understand the cost and inconvenience of on-site problems because we’ve been there and experienced it, felt it, and haven’t forgotten that. 

We haven’t forgotten about those experiences, memories and challenges, so when we’re supplying customers today, we’re always mindful of what it’s like to be in their shoes.

That’s not only experience from the piping industry, but experience from being on the other side of the fence.”

Chris reflects on this further by saying:

“It’s so important to listen to our customers, and truly understand their needs, because, at the end of the day, everything is changing. Our customer’s needs are changing as the industry progresses and evolves.

When there’s a better way of doing things or better products in the market, we make sure our customers enjoy the benefit of these changes. When they choose to work with us, we ensure they receive knowledge and experience to match their requirements.”

This is how passion plus experience makes Allmach the company it is, while delivering industry-leading products and solutions.

This article is the first in a series on getting to know the people behind the brand.
Chris Millar (Data Systems and Marketing Manager) has 30 years of experience in the piping industry and is a shareholder in the company. He is passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to his work at Allmach.
You’ll find this same passion and experience in all our employees. Visit to find out more or to speak to one of our expert staff.
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