Seeking Constant Improvement: Why Innovation is the Heartbeat of the Piping Supply Industry

The quest for better has been the human condition for centuries. In fact, the need for progress is built into our very DNA. This never-ending quest for progress is something that Allmach is at the forefront of – looking forward and bringing innovation in wholesale piping within the reach of consumers who demand value.

Allmach’s Sales Manager Chris Millar has seen much innovation in a career spanning 30 years in piping supply and offers key insights into innovation and progressive thinking that is the bedrock of Allmach’s ethos.

The Ebbs and Flows of the Product Lifecycle: Evolutions in Materials

Products are always on a journey, from inception to or start of life, and usually taper off when something better comes along. Chris thinks back to not too long ago when a breakthrough in piping was seeing polyethylene for compressed air emerge in the market. As an innovative newcomer, it promised a break from traditional systems with its rapid installation benefits.

“I’ve seen polyethylene for compressed air come onto the market as the “new kid on the block” as an innovative new product, to now being in its golden years. It’s not the same market as it was when we initially introduced MaxAir” says Chris.

“We initially sold that product based on its time-saving benefits; it was so much faster than traditional systems that had come before it. Today, it would be one of the slower systems to install. So, other products in the market are displacing poly piping today because of the speed factor”.

We see that evolution in the product lifecycle with the ingredients of time and innovation.
With the recent launch of Allmach’s Pipeforce, this new PE100 poly piping system is specifically designed for compressed air reticulation, with three types of fittings: socket fusion, electrofusion, and compression fittings.

New materials come onto the market and gain market share from the ones that came before them – a case in point being Maxair evolving into the next generation of products for today’s customer needs.

How Technology is Amplifying Value for Customers Seeking a Better Alternative

Tech innovation impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. Allmach’s commitment to innovation, together with a forward-thinking mindset, stands out among its competitors. Implementing features like Bluetooth connectivity on pressfit tools for a range of functions is only a glimpse of the company’s innovative spirit.

The future lies in leveraging global IT advancements and bringing these to our shores. With limited domestic manufacturers in our piping supply niche, it’s crucial to scout globally and supply locally to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

“I believe that’s where our future lies, in the meaningful adoption of IT development, in looking at what’s available globally and bringing the world’s best to Australia,” says Chris.

“We want to show that Allmach is a progressive supplier of piping products, at the forefront of innovation for our industry”.

An innovative and refreshing point of view regarding industry benchmarks

Many see an industry benchmark and stop there. After all, a benchmark represents an accepted standard to be followed, right?

Chris Millar thinks otherwise, believing that industry benchmarks are merely the starting point, urging businesses to strive beyond the norm and achieve unparalleled excellence.

“One of my approaches is this – never accept any benchmark” states Chris.

“While you may strive to attain that benchmark, you always look to improve it, to move it forward. It can always be improved, even by 1%.

It’s the same principle as the famous saying; at 99 degrees you have hot water, but at 100 degrees you have boiling water, and with boiling water you have steam. Steam can power a train. So even with a 1-degree difference, just that little bit extra makes a world of difference”.

Allmach are always looking for that 1% improvement, every time. The mindset of seeing a benchmark as the starting point echoes throughout the company.

Or as Mr. Millar puts it:

“If you ask yourself ‘OK, what’s the industry benchmark’ as the starting point, then after attaining it you should ask, ‘What’s next?’ You don’t rest there. You’re always asking, ‘Where can I take it further’? ”

This innovative way of thinking isn’t just in the products Allmach sources and supplies. It goes further. Beyond just the products they sell, they also look at innovation in how they sell them and how they provide after-sale service.

Incremental increases all add up and applying thinking that seeks to improve, even by 1%, makes Allmach stand out as a leader in their field.

A Company-Wide Philosophy

Is this mindset exclusive to a few individuals? No, it’s not. At Allmach, this philosophy runs company-wide. Challenges are viewed as a learning curve, an opportunity for continuous improvement. From one department to another, the quest is unanimous: never merely settle for the benchmark.


Allmach’s journey through market trends and innovation over 30 years is a lesson in adaptability, innovation, and the unyielding journey for excellence. In a world that’s always evolving, companies like Allmach showcase that with the right mindset, one can navigate change and thrive amidst it.

This article is the third in a series on getting to know the people behind the brand.

Chris Millar (Sales Manager) has 30 years of experience in the plumbing supply industry and is a shareholder in the company. He is passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to his work at Allmach.

You’ll find this same passion and experience in all our employees. Visit to learn more or speak to one of our expert staff.

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