15 September 2023

Allmach Launches Pipeforce: A New Era of Strength and Commitment in Polyethylene Piping

Allmach, a leading provider of high-quality piping solutions, proudly announces the launch of its new brand, Pipeforce. This Australian-made range of PE piping products embodies the strength and unwavering commitment that Allmach has in the piping supply industry. Drawing inspiration from the air force, Pipeforce represents the powerful momentum propelling the future of polyethylene pipe systems.

PipeForce will be introduced to the market with a marketing and promotional campaign that emphasises its robust brand identity. It represents not only a range of high-quality products but also Allmach’s firm commitment to serving the needs of its customers. By strengthening its supply chain and implementing a more rigorous quality assurance process, Allmach will ensure faster product delivery and increased customer satisfaction.

“Allmach’s dedication to quality and the strength of our supply chain are the cornerstones of Pipeforce,” says Chris Millar, Sales Manager at Allmach. “We have drawn inspiration from the aeronautical industry, which holds an unparalleled focus on quality assurance. This commitment to excellence ensures our discerning customers receive products that meet their expectations.”

Based on comprehensive market research, Allmach determined that accurate paperwork and fast product delivery were key priorities for customers, after product quality. The introduction of Pipeforce addresses these needs by leveraging Allmach’s increased involvement in the supply chain, providing customers with the peace of mind that their orders will be fulfilled promptly and accurately.

As a testament to Allmach’s dedication to operational excellence, the company proudly reports that its Dispatch In Full On Time (DIFOT) measure has consistently exceeded 99.5% over the past five months. With the industry benchmark being 89% and best practice at 96%, Allmach’s DIFOT of 99.5% is impressive. This exceptional performance demonstrates Allmach’s ability to deliver products reliably and on schedule.

Pipeforce embodies the driving force and momentum behind Allmach’s commitment to its customers. With this new brand, Allmach aims to showcase its expertise, operational excellence, and customer-centric focus.

“We listened to our customers and responded by introducing Pipeforce,” adds Mr Millar. “This new brand encapsulates all the benefits we offer. It’s not just about the product itself; it’s what we provide our customers behind the scenes, providing exceptional benefits – the strength of our commitment, the quality assurance processes we implement, and the peace of mind we provide around delivery.”

With the launch of Pipeforce, Allmach is ushering in a new era of strength and commitment in the polyethylene piping industry. Their comprehensive range of PE piping products caters to various applications, making Pipeforce the ultimate solution for any piping project. Pipeforce is a high-quality, Australian-made piping product that is unencumbered by overseas shipping impacts, with assured on-time delivery at the highest industry standards.

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