Allmach Brings New Carbon Steel Fire Protection Piping System to Australia

The future of fire protection piping systems is here

The ground-breaking Surepress Pressfit carbon steel piping system from Europe is now in Australia, thanks to the team at Allmach Superior Piping Solutions.

The revolutionary system offers the fire protection industry several innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Fire protection systems are an essential part of any building’s safety infrastructure, and the Surepress Pressfit System is becoming a popular choice among Australian engineers and installers.

The Surepress Pressfit carbon steel piping system is the latest innovation in its field, offering several benefits that make it an excellent choice for any fire protection project:

  • 10 times faster to install than traditional copper piping
  • Welding and hot works permits are obsolete
  • Quick onsite design modifications
  • Reduced consumables and labour costs
  • Pressfit leak detection and QA check-sleeve
  • Internal and external zinc-coated, and corrosive resistant

Carbon steel revolutionises fire protection systems

Carbon steel is one of the most cost-effective fire protection piping systems in the market today, making it ideal for installations such as fire hydrants and automatic sprinklers.

The common practice of installing fire protection water pipes has, until now, been with screwed gal fittings, soldered copper and roll groove gal fittings which comprise a thick-walled pipe.

Those systems require an immense amount of labour to operate and move around efficiently. Because of the strength requirements needed for installation, injuries are more frequent.

With Allmach’s carbon steel fire protection piping system, the installation process is much easier with less chance of injuries compared to traditional methods.

Welding and hot works permits are things of the past, so it takes less time to get started, and less labour is needed for the installation process. This means contractors can complete the jobs much quicker without sacrificing quality workmanship.

The carbon steel pipes are lightweight, thin-walled tubes joined using Pressfit fittings. Installers can simply cut the pipe with plumbing tube cutters, push them together, and then crimp them using a battery-operated tool.

The zinc coating has electrochemical protection, meaning if the zinc coating is scratched, there is a film that bonds over that part, protecting the zinc from corrosion.

Carbon steel has excellent abrasive hardness, producing a strong and resistant facing. This is important because the pipes are always filled with water. With traditional systems, if any rust occurs, the water finds the weakest point and causes flooding to the building if any rust occurs.

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why the new Allmach’s carbon steel fire protection piping system is becoming increasingly popular with fire protection engineers, contractors, and construction companies across Australia.

Allmach, a leader in carbon steel piping solutions

For over 25 years, Allmach Superior Piping Solutions has been an industry leader in Australia. It is a family-owned company that prides itself on its expertise in supplying quality products.

Allmach is proud to be the first company in Australia to offer the revolutionary SurePress Pressfit carbon steel fire protection piping system.

Engineered and tested to meet the highest standards, this system is fast becoming a popular choice among Australian engineers and contractors.

Customers can now enjoy a smoother installation process that is less likely to result in injuries and is more cost-effective.

Allmach’s carbon steel fire protection piping system comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you know it will last your business lifetime (and beyond).

To learn more about how the Allmach team can help you increase efficiency or reduce costs with this innovative method of protecting your assets from fires, contact Allmach today. Shop Carbon Steel


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