World Water Day reminds us why access to fresh water is a fundamental right

This year’s World Water Day, held on 22 March, centred around the themes of accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis impacting billions across the globe and in our own backyard.

With targets set by the UN under the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals agreement, it’s estimated that there’s a need to urgently accelerate change around 4 times faster than is in place today.

The figures are sobering:

1 in 4 people worldwide (that’s 2 billion people) don’t have access to safe drinking water.

Almost half of the earth’s population (3.6 billion) lack safe sanitation.

And by the end of this decade, experts predict demand will outstrip fresh water supply by 40%

Considering that only around 2% of water globally is freshwater, this resource is one we cannot afford to waste.

We all have a role to play in how we use water and how we can safeguard it in our industries such as mining, agriculture and water processing plants.

How Allmach is helping to make a change in the water space for good

While piping is used to transport many different mediums including gas and compressed air, it is also used to safely carry the chemicals needed to treat recycled and potable water.

Justin Allingham, Allmach’s senior technician and water expert, discusses his thoughts on the water processing and treatment industry:

“As a crucial commodity that’s critical to our growing population, there are lots of upgrades and new infrastructure being developed to meet the increasing demand. The market is extremely active, with Sydney spending $10 billion two years into their 10-year plan, and similar circumstances unfolding across in New Zealand.

We also have a lot of ageing infrastructure that has been renovated and expanded, so there’s a lot of activity in that market. Our key products to support this activity are GARDUS DCH (dual containment hose), uPVC pipe fittings, poly fittings, and SurePress stainless steel.”

“Sometimes people will just use cheap piping solutions which are essentially a bit of poly piping inside another piece of poly. This is not ideal, as it may prevent the spillage from getting out, but there is no way to know where the leak is. The gap between the two pipes keeps filling and if the length of piping is significant, there will be a lot of wastage”.

“The distinctive feature of our system is that one of the pipes is external, and it is made of polyurethane, the same material used for undersea cables” says Justin. “It is exceptionally strong and robust, making it resistant to damage from rocks and stones on building sites. In contrast, other piping systems use PVC, which is soft and prone to damage that may result in spillage.”

An example of DCH being used to treat wastewater is seen in the ammonia dosing upgrade at SEQ Water’s North Pine Dam. The project deployed Allmach’s GARDUS solution to ensure the chemicals used to treat the water were contained within a leak proof environment.

A charitable solution to change lives and improve sanitation for those in need

For most of us, access to clean fresh water is as easy as turning on a tap. Not so for those less fortunate than us. Children in Tanzania walk on average 6kms everyday to source water for their families. This water is often the same water source shared by animals and is contaminated.

To help make a positive impact, Allmach is partnering with Compassion Australia to raise $6,000 via the Allmach 6K Team Challenge to be held end of May. The team will be sponsored to walk 6kms, the same distance the Tanzanian children walk to get water.

Funds raised will go towards the creation of boreholes at two child development centres in Tanzania to transform lives through the gift of clean water. This initiative is one example of how Allmach can help with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal agenda at a local level.


In light of this year’s World Water Day, it’s important to remember that access to fresh water is a fundamental right that billions of people across the globe are still denied.

Allmach’s commitment to providing quality and innovative products that support water conservation is one small way we can help in addressing the global water crisis.

It’s up to all of us to do our part in safeguarding this precious resource.

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