3 things most people don’t realise about Allmach’s UniPipe piping solution

Most people don’t realise why an aluminium-based piping solution is superior to their go-to traditional steel methods. UniPipe is the only aluminium piping solution in Australia that has several distinct advantages over traditional black steel piping.

Here are 3 reasons why UniPipe is so special.

1. Galvanic reactions are non-existent when you use UniPipe

What exactly is “galvanic reaction,” you ask? This is when 2 dissimilar metals are in contact for a while and a reaction occurs.

The layperson sees this all the time but usually won’t pay attention to it, or if they do, don’t understand why this is happening. An experienced piping installer or someone technically minded (an engineer, for example) sees the result of a galvanic reaction and immediately knows what’s happened.

Galvanic reaction occurs when 2 dissimilar metals are in contact in the presence of water or moisture, creating an electrical reaction. This appears commonly as rust or corrosion seen typically when bolts are used to connect to another metal. At best it looks unsightly; at worse, it can weaken the integrity of your piping solution.

The great thing about UniPipe is galvanic reactions are impossible given the very nature of the piping system. Fittings are connected internally using a dynamic patented grip ring that secures the fitting internally to the pipe. Both pipe and fittings are made from aluminium, so there’s no chance a galvanic reaction can happen. Every external connection point within a UniPipe installation is secure and safe.

2. UniPipe has an impressive pressure load rating of up to 200 bar!

While UniPipe is used to transport several fluids including gases and liquids, a popular application is for compressed air. In fact, UniPipe has 2 compressed air configurations – Air and HP (High Pressure) Air to accommodate all compressed air requirements.

The beauty of using aluminium piping for compressed air distribution is that the internal dimensions of the piping are thinner than the steel equivalent, allowing for increased airflow. Also, it allows for reduced velocity, which is what you want given reduced airflow means less friction and greater efficiency. All of this while maintaining a flow system that is both flexible and modular with its many fittings, yet strong enough that it won’t sag.

Couple the high-pressure features with the increased airflow and you can really see the efficiency of this robust system.

3. UniPipe has several important environmental advantages over black steel

The real environmental advantage is in the product itself – aluminium.

Firstly, the most obvious advantage is just how light aluminium is. Aluminium piping is on average lighter in weight by almost a third compared to its steel counterpart. There is no trade-off in the strength of aluminium though, as it has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Another handy by-product of being lighter is the environmental impacts through transportation are reduced. Fewer transportation costs equal a cheaper operational cost to your business. The environmental “tick of approval” UniPipe gets for being aluminium is also a tick for cost savings (win-win in anyone’s language)!

Perhaps the greenest element in UniPipe is the fact that aluminium is known to be “infinitely recyclable” making it the most recyclable industrial material.

What does it mean to be “infinitely recyclable”? Quite simply, aluminium can be recycled repeatedly to make the same product, while saving 95% of the energy used to make it from its raw state.

And while we’re on the topic of environmental impacts, did you know that steel production is highly polluting in not only the large amounts of coke (a type of coal) used in the manufacturing of steel emitting toxic but also the wastewater from the coking process is highly toxic containing many carcinogenic elements…

Isn’t it comforting knowing that using UniPipe over traditional black steel is not only a more efficient and cheaper product but is also more environmentally friendly?

You can feel good using UniPipe in your next installation.



 These are just 3 examples you may not have known about UniPipe and why it is far superior to traditional piping solutions.
Allmach is the official Australian licenced stockist of UniPipe, the aluminium piping solution that offers customers a far superior product compared to traditional piping methods. In fact, we had the foresight to recognise a deficit in the Australian market and became the sole distributor of this proven European-made product almost 10 years ago!

UniPipe has been the piping solution of choice across Europe, America and here in Australia for many years, yet some people are still not sure why this aluminium-based solution is so impressive.

To find out more about using UniPipe in your next installation, speak to one of Allmach’s technical specialists today.

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