When it comes to heating and cooling distribution, pipework, it is essentially that there be a reliable containment and efficient movement of fluid.
This ensures that the central air conditioning system can function. Our cost effective systems offer a number of advantages for chilled, condenser, warm and hot water services.
Our chilled water pipe range offers are myriad of high quality features. This includes poly heat-fused joints for stronger, leak-free structures. This enables corrosion-free projects for significant maintenance cost savings.

Paired with no need for scaling or deposit build-up, you can look forward to long term efficiency. 

Furthermore our chilled pipe systems provide a greater reduced noise compared to metallic pipe thanks to the lightweight and robust piping. All of these high quality features provide for exceptional insulating properties due with superior thermal conductivity.

You can order chilled piping systems in a wide range of pipe sizes and fittings.

Recommended Piping for this Application

SurePress Stainless Steel Press-Fit Piping System is the modern way to go with a Chilled Water Pipe and other HVAC Piping. Alternatively, Poly Piping provides other options (PN Rating) to choose from.