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Water Treatment Pipe

Wastewater treatment and sewage treatment piping are part of systems that process contaminated or run-off water, making it safe to discharge into the environment or for potable water use. Wastewater piping installations recycle water for use in mining, industrial, manufacturing, irrigation, and residential applications. Wastewater piping needs to meet strict compliance regulations, be corrosion-proof and leak-proof to process and deliver water safely in both new and retrofit installations.

Allmach’s Water Treatment Piping Solutions

Allmach is a pipe and fittings specialist that provides the water treatment industry quality piping solutions. We offer water treatment engineers and industry specialists, systems that are reliable, compliant, and cost-effective for drinking water, sewage treatment, recycled and process water applications. We enable the installer to install piping systems quickly, safely and easily in both existing and new infrastructure and to create on-site modifications. Allmach provides a full above-and-below ground package that is safer and faster than traditional welding. We also provide custom fabrication, filtration equipment, and the first fully leak-detectable dual contained hose in Australia.


In addition to our fully leak-detectable dual contained hose, Allmach’s water treatment portfolio includes:

    • SurePress: European manufactured stainless steel press-fit piping system that is corrosion-free and includes an innovative “no leak” press-check sleeve solution.
    • Stream: A lightweight, flexible, and environmentally-friendly polyethylene pipe fittings range that includes electrofusion fittings for fast and reliable installations.
    • Sewer Stream: A lightweight, flexible polyethylene pipe and fittings range specifically designed for chemical water and wastewater applications. The electrofusion fittings ensuring installations avoid joint defects and failed vacuum pressure tests.
    • Custom fabrication: Polyethylene pipe spooling and specialty parts made to your specifications in a fully ISO9001 accredited facility.

Where are Water Treatment Piping Systems Used?


Sewage Treatment Plants


Water Recycling Plants


Potable Water Treatment Plants




Industrial & manufacturing



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