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Sewer Piping

A compliant sewer system is an integral part of the infrastructure for any residential or industrial land development or subdivision. Key considerations for civil contractors specifying materials are cost-efficiency, local authority compliance, and design flexibility. Other key industry and environmental considerations are longevity, maintenance issues, tree root ingress, and leakage. Studies have proven that plastic sewer piping results in 75% fewer leaks, 30% faster installation, 30% less impact on the environment2 compared with traditional concrete sewer pipe.

Allmach Sewer Installation Solutions

Allmach provides a leak-free pressure sewer solution for residential land development. Allmach’s range provides leak-proof, regulation-compliant, reliable, safe, easy and quick to install products for sewer installations. Therefore, saving time and money. Products suitable for sewer pipe installations includes:

    • Sewer Stream: A lightweight, flexible polyethylene pipe and fittings system specifically designed for gravity sewer and wastewater applications. The electrofusion fittings ensure the installations avoid joint defects, tree root ingress, and failed vacuum pressure tests.
    • Custom fabricated fittings: Allmach custom fittings are made locally to order, which allows specifiers and installers the flexibility to work with any sewer design configuration.

Where are Sewage Pipe Systems Used?


Residential Land Development


Residential Subdivision


Industrial Development

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