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Fire Protection Pipe

A fire protection system comprises of a fire hydrant system and automatic fire sprinkler system for the purpose of fire suppression in buildings. A fire hydrant system is a water supply with sufficient pressure and flow delivered through pipes for fire-fighting purposes. Water from a reticulated fire hydrant system can also be shared with an automatic fire sprinkler systems. In Australia, any building over three stories needs a fire protection system installed, and this can be expensive and time consuming to install and maintain.

Allmach Fire Services Protection Solutions

Traditionally fire protection systems have been created using a heavy, screw system with heavy thick-walled pipes and various glue and screw fittings, which are extremely time-consuming to install and lack design flexibility. These systems are prone to installer injury, can only be floor-mounted due to the weight, and rust and leakage due to the screw method of joining pipe.

Allmach’s carbon-steel range of pipe and fittings negates these cost and installation issues and includes:

    • SurePress: A carbon steel system is an internally and externally zinc-coated tube, prevents rust or leaks. It has a light weight, thin-walled tube which is put together on-site by press fit fittings. Pipe can be cut with plumbing tube cutters, pushed together, and then crimped using a battery-operated tool. No threading or roll-grooving machines required. A SurePress carbon steel fire protection system is 10 times faster to install, is safer to handle, allows on site design modification flexibility, and it has up to 30 % cost saving on installation.

Where are Fire Protection Piping Systems Used?


Nursing and Aged Care Homes


Commercial High Rise


Healthcare Facilities


Residential Low & High Rise


Industrial Buildings


Hotels, Restaurants and Entertainment Facilities


Retail / Shopping Centres


Educational Institutions – Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Universities


Manufacturing Buildings


Logistics Centres


Medical Research Facilities

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