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Reticulated Compressed Air Systems

Properly designed compressed air pipe systems offer clean, safe, and economical compressed air for two purposes: energy transfer and active processes. They deliver uncontaminated compressed air for manufacturing, construction, mining, and building applications. Efficient compressed air piping systems need to be leak-proof, corrosion-resistant, and compatible with compressor oils.

Allmach’s Reticulated Compressed Air Solutions

Allmach provides an end-to-end (plant to point-of-use) solutions for reticulated compressed air applications. Allmach’s multi-product portfolio includes corrosion-free, leak-proof, and regulation-compliant solutions and are reliable, safe, easy and quick to install and maintain. Therefore, saving time and money. Products suitable for compressed air include:

    • SurePress: A European manufactured stainless-steel press-fit piping system that is corrosion-free and includes an innovative “no leak” press-check sleeve solution.
    • UniPipe: A quality European manufactured high-pressure aluminium modular piping system that has a dynamic patented grip ring which secures the fitting to the pipe and a colour band identifying fluid type and working pressure.
    • MaxAir: A PE100 poly piping system specifically designed for compressed air reticulation is safe for breathing-air and food-grade applications, eliminates pipe corrosion, and has broad chemical resistance.

Where are Reticulated Compressed Air Systems Used?

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Dehydration, Cleaning, and Vacuum Packaging.



Clamping, Stamping, Tool Powering And Cleaning, Moulding, and Cooling

Piping Construction_and_Mining

Construction & Mining

Pneumatic tools, Hoists, Pumps, Actuators, and Controllers


Petroleum & Pharmaceutical

Conveying, Conveying Process Gas Compressing, Actuators and Controllers



Power Tools, Tyre Inflation, and Spray-paint



Pneumatic Tools, Hoists, and Air Brake Systems


Wastewater Treatment

Vacuum Filters and Conveying



Sawing, Hoisting, Clamping, Pressure Treatment, Actuators and Controllers



Assembly station powering, tool powering, controls and actuators, injection moulding, and spraying


Agriculture Farm Equipment

Materials Handling, Crop Spraying, and Dairy Machines


Power Generation

Starting Gas Turbines, Automatic Control, and Emissions Controls

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