Allmach Team Resources

Team Wellbeing

EAP programme
EAP stands for Employee Assistance Programme and is a free, voluntary
counselling service which is provided by Associated Employee Assistance
Providers. Everything about the service is confidential, and you can contact the
EAP team directly with any enquiries or booking requests without having to speak
to HR or a company representative first.

As an employee of Allmach, each team member is entitled to 6 free, confidential
sessions in a 12 month period. These sessions offer staff the opportunity to
discuss either workplace or personal concerns in a safe, neutral and confidential

Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA)
Allmach is committed to providing a Mental Health First Aide Officer on
each site.

“MHFA Officers in your workplace is a positive way to demonstrate
that your organisation cares about individual well-being. MHFA
Officers are trained to provide initial informal support to other
employees in the workplace, outside of Human Resources and
Workplace Health & Safety departments. They can complement
formal support services, like Employee Assistance Programs.”

Annual Flu Jab reimbursement.

Empathy Fund
Supporting team members who are facing challenging times with a small gift and card.

Helpful Contacts

Mental health and wellbeing resources
Click on the following links to find a list of useful external health & wellbeing resources:

QLD Government wellbeing resources:

NSW Government mental health resources

Team Resources

Allmach Staff Handbook
The Allmach Staff Handbook provides the team with an official point of reference
for company policies and is a valuable resource. The Allmach Staff Handbook can
be found here.

Culture & Wellbeing Team
There are five representatives from each locations (Office & Warehouse, Sydney & Brisbane) They meet monthly to review initiatives and team suggestions. Team members are also welcome to approach a Culture &Wellbeing team member with suggestions to help improve the Allmach culture.

“The Allmach culture and wellbeing team is a peer support group that provides an avenue for all team members to provide constructive feedback in a confidential, respectful and relaxed way, on methods to improve the workplace culture and team wellbeing, with the aim to make Allmach a more enjoyable and fulfilling place to work”.

The Allmach Intranet
Allmach has an intranet where news and updates are regularly posted. Click here to access the Allmach Intranet.

Buddy System & Staff Interchange
New team members are buddied up with another team member to help guide
them through the first weeks in their new role.

The Staff Interchange program is an opportunity to visit the team interstate for
the day. Each team member is encouraged to participate, with the option for a
Friday visit, and return after the weekend. Contact HR for more details.

LinkedIn Learning – Free
LinkedIn Learning is a free resource for the Allmach team: “LinkedIn Learning is
the skill building platform that empowers employees to develop the right skills to
grow their career.” LinkedIn Learning provides content from a world-class library
of over 16,000 expertly-produced online and consistently updated courses. In
addition, once a course has been completed the learner is awarded a certificate of
attainment to add to their portfolio.

To access this resource, a team member must have an active LinkedIn account
(with no affiliation to other businesses), be connected to the Allmach company
page, have an active Allmach email address and abide to social media and
branding policies. To access this resource, please send an email to the marketing
department for approval.


Gift Day
Allmach gifts each team member a fully paid day off for their birthday every year.
A voucher will be emailed and a day is allocated in the leave portal to be taken at a
team member’s convenience.

Allmach Rewards Programme
Allmach has a monthly team rewards programme with a generous rewards. This
includes Employee of the Month (EOM) ($200 gift voucher) and 10 Cheers for
Peers (C4P) ($100 gift voucher). Other initiatives include High 5s (peer shout outs)
and a Super Suggestions Award.

Friday Lunches
Team members enjoy complimentary weekly Friday lunches to say thank you for
the week’s effort and wind down for the weekend.

Please contact Allmach to change your email address. Request change.