Allmach Pneumatic & Fluid Systems (Allmach PFS) is a major wholesaler and distributor of plastic, aluminium and stainless steel piping systems. We stock a comprehensive range of quality products at economical prices, providing the best piping solutions for every application.

Allmach have been an established industry leader for over 25 years and are committed to improving and growing. To support this, in July 2019, Allmach doubled its expertise by merging with Corso Pacific; a company that aligned 100 per cent with Allmach values and brought over 20 years of piping experience to the company.

Allmach are actively engaged in the design, marketing and distribution of advanced piping systems and solutions to a broad cross section of the industry.


“To be the partner of choice to any contractor looking to efficiently design and install quality and innovative piping solutions”.

Allmach has become an industry leader in innovative piping systems and our products have been used in numerous markets and industry sectors. Our modern, fully-equipped warehouse stocks a wide variety of piping products, ensuring impressive turnaround times and competitive pricing.

We also house an extensive range of top quality accessories for compressed air, gas and lubrication systems.

Allmach Values

Fast Orders

The ability to supply your orders faster from an increased inventory.

Industry Led

Access to a wider range of industry-lead products.

Competitive Pricing

Maintaining competitive pricing through increased purchase volumes.

Customer Focused

More personnel to support increased servicing.


New technological advancements for increased efficiency.

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