Fabrication Department creates custom Spools

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The Allmach Fabrication department exists in the interest of providing custom solutions for the piping industry. From concept to completion, the Fabrication Department is devoted to the creation, design, marketing and distribution of advanced piping systems and no matter how big or small a job is, they are dedicated in finding the solution.

For these reasons, when a large Queensland contractor using the SurePress Stainless Steel Press Fit System required some custom offsets to connect their 168mm pipework, they contacted the Allmach Fabrication Department for a resolution.

Allmach designed and created unique Stainless Steel SurePress spools, and in addition to connecting the piping offset, they also offer the corrosion resistance and wash-down properties of traditional stainless-steel systems with the many SurePress Stainless Steel benefits. 

Contact the Fabrication department at sales@allmach.com.au to find out how they can support your needs.