Prefabricated Manifolds, saving big on time, labour and costs

Manifolds are an important element of plumbing and understanding this, Allmach Piping Systems have developed a prefabricated manifold saving plumbers time and money during the installation process and beyond.

A manifold, is a section of pipe that has built in ports designed to distribute water and gas and provide joint free pipes that run from a centrally positioned manifold to each radiator valve, tap or water outlet.

It’s a simpler option for design and installation and boasts a number of advantages including the risk of leakage from joints being considerably reduced as well as time and labor saved on a quicker installation and fewer fittings required.

Although much more advantageous then branch plumbing, manifolds traditionally required contractors or plumbers to build the system on site which could take quite a lot of time and potentially require a hot work permit to weld. With over 25 years of industry experience and a fabrication department dedicated to the design and innovation of piping systems, Allmach recognised the gap in the market and developed the prefabricated manifold. 

Prefabricated manifolds are manufactured exclusively by Allmach for the SurePress Stainless Steel Press Fit Systems and simply removes the need for contractors to have to build manifolds on site which saves dramatically on time, labor, costs and the need to get permits.

Prefabricated Manifolds are unique to SurePress Stainless Steel Press Fit Systems; the preferred solution for potable water, fuel, gas, compressed air, and various other suitable applications. The Manifolds can be modified as needed.  

Find out about SurePress Stainless Steel Piping Systems and Prefabricated Manifolds here.