Aluminium piping is rapidly becoming the most popular choice when it comes to fittings in a number of industries, but are all aluminium systems created equal? Here are six reasons why Unipipe is fast becoming the tradie’s choice when it comes to aluminium piping.

1. Unipipe is quick and simple to install

The genius of Unipipe lies in its clever design, which clicks together quickly and simply – with minimal tooling required to create complex systems. Fast and simple installations are important because they are cost effective and convenient to the client, ensuring that the job gets done within budget, without stress and with no costly delays or downtime.

2. Unipipe is flexible

Unipipe aluminium piping has the remarkable ability to maintain it’s strength and integrity whilst also being malleable. This flexibility is important when it comes to the installation of complex systems, because it gives the installer a great deal of control when it comes to overcoming structural obstacles and engineering the directional flow of the system – speeding up the entire process.

3. Unipipe is universal

Unipipe is a universal system, which means that it can be used for a number of different applications. The beauty is that Unipipe is a solid multitasker, with the capability to be used for transporting compressed air, industrial gases, water, nitrogen, fire, vacuum and oil, air and water at high pressure. Such is its versatility that it’s become the system of choice in a number of industries.

4. Unipipe has a wide pressure range:

This robust but lightweight system has yet another superpower: it’s suitable for a very wide pressure range, from -0.87 up to 200bar. Unipipe regularly returns the highest reliability results when it comes to independent third-party pressure testing, offering sound peace of mind – particularly when it comes to high pressure, high risk applications.

5. Unipipe has broad temperature capabilities

Unipipe is also able to support a broad range of working temperature; from -20°C up to 100°C. This is important because the impact of heat expansion on structural integrity is minimal, which is why Unipipe always maintains its form, even when under the pressure of extreme conditions. The structure of the system will remain strong and robust within a wide range of temperatures.

6. Unipipe has extensive pipe diameter choices

With an extensive range of pipe sizes, Unipipe has the versatility to perform in a number of different environments. The internal nut and dynamic gripping ring ensure there is no way to separate the pipe from the fittings, and the plastic ring identifies the fluid and working pressure for each system. Pipe sizes are available in: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 90, 110, 140, 160.

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