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Aluminium piping has been used for decades but has recently undergone a surge in popularity: what was once an underappreciated material is now a sought after resource. Here are six great reasons why people are making the switch to aluminium piping:

1. It looks better

One of the key features of aluminium piping is that it doesn’t just work well – it looks great too. In an age where current trends and aesthetic appeal are becoming increasingly important to designers and their clients, aluminium gives you the flexibility to custom choose from a range of colour coated finishes.

2. It lasts longer

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and ensuring that ongoing maintenance costs are low, aluminium really comes into its own as a material. The durable and long-lasting powder coat finishes are vastly superior to their hand painted equivalents, which are much more prone to flaking, wear and tear.

3. It has minimal expansion

Due to its innate heat resistance, aluminium presents minimal expansion in response to extreme temperatures. While plastic options are vulnerable to sagging or bowing, aluminium maintains its form. The upshot is that fewer clips are needed during installation to preserve the structure of the system.

4. It requires fewer materials

The key to aluminium’s growing popularity is its simplicity – it doesn’t need to be clipped or supported as much as polypipe, making the entire installation quicker and less resource-intensive. Being lightweight, aluminium piping requires less structural support – which means fewer materials overall.

5. It’s faster to install

Aluminium piping is a robust material that is more lightweight than copper or steel equivalents. This reduces installation and modification costs, because with no need for gas bottles, welding or threading the job can get done much faster, with less downtime and disruption to typical business operations.

6. It’s more secure

One of the greatest benefits of aluminium piping is that it is simply more secure than most other options, guaranteeing peace of mind. The internal nut with full stainless steel grip ring provides a much more secure jointing system than other options, minimising leaks and protecting against system vulnerabilities.