Maxair is a unique system of poly piping that utilises PE100 for superior performance. 

Maxair PE100 is a product of advanced materials technology that outperforms other pipes for pressure, flow and corrosion resistance. Our poly piping is fully compatible with compressor oils.

Simple to install, this lightweight system is robust and flexible thanks to technology that makes it easy to alter or adapt. It has broad chemical resistance, ensuring no corrosion or metallic contamination. It is also suitable for underground use and comes with a 50 year warranty.

Flexible Poly Piping for Many Applications

There are three styles of fittings available - socket fusion, electro fusion or compression. All three fittings use the same size piping, offering maximum flexibility for designers and engineers.

Socket Fusio​n Fittings

Maxair socket fusion fittings join quickly and easily with a welding tool, resulting in a fully-fused joint which is leak free, tamper-proof and visually pleasing.

Compression ”0” Ring​ Fittings

Maxair compression fittings are joined quickly and easily by hand; they have the advantage of being removable and reusable.

Electro Fusion Fitti​ngs

Assembled by hand and electro fusion welder, these fittings enable joints to be pre-assembled or adjusted prior to welding, making large installations easy.

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