Stainless steel press fit systems are rapidly overtaking copper as the preferred industry choice for piping, and the Allmach Europress is one of the world’s leading brands. It’s the only system to feature their unique press indication technology, but that’s not the only reason we love it. Here are three great reasons to get on board:

1. It has the unique press indication technology

Allmach’s Europress features a unique press indication technology, making it easy to determine at a glance that all fittings have been pressed correctly. This removes the human error aspect from the installation process, ensuring that all joints are successful and avoiding the incidence of weak connections that can compromise the system. Press indication creates a reliable double-check mechanism that increases quality control and guarantees peace of mind.

2. It’s quick and cost-effective to install

The stand-out feature of the Allmach Europress stainless steel piping system is that it is incredibly quick and simple to install. The innovative technology behind this unique modular system means that it can be installed up to 10 times faster than systems that require conventional welding. Press fit systems can slash costs by up to 30%, because there is no need for the expensive specialised labour and gas tanks that are required for welding. With no additional coatings required, press fit systems are extremely fast and easy to install.

3. It’s extremely versatile

The Allmach Europress stainless steel press fit system is extremely robust and versatile, and is routinely employed in some of the toughest and most demanding environments: the manufacturing, mining, petroleum, marine and food and beverage sectors have all embraced stainless steel systems in recent years, and its popularity is growing. It is available in sizes ranging from 15 to 168mm, and can be used in a vast number of applications:

·      Hot/cold water

·      Compressed air

·      Industrial gases

·      Chemical lines

·      Oil lines

·      Petroleum lines

·      Glycol


Piping Comparison Guide: Welded Copper VS Press-fit Stainless Steel

Copper is generally perceived as the industry standard for piping given its long and distinguished history, so you might be suprised to know that newer forms of technology like stainless steel pipe fittings are superior in a number of ways.

This guide will dispel some common myths and provide you with a clear and concise comparison of the primary featuresand benefits of each option.